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Please come to south Louisiana.

Factors to think about as you prepare your budget of a trip to New York City

Love your books. I just finished Firefly Lane yesterday. The ending had me crying like a baby. View more comments. I should have packed champagne. As I've said before, you are one of my favorite authors! Thanks for the great pleasure I get from reading your books! Well deserved. Will you be posting a list of recommended books again? I read every book on the last list and enjoyed every one of them.

How New York City Is Rediscovering Its Maritime Spirit | Travel | Smithsonian

One of the best books that I've read. Very powerful writing. The story, the characters, and especially the setting will stay with me forever. I finish reading each one of your books and think it's the best one The Great Alone was wonderful. The Great Alone is my next book of yours to read. Reading Home Front right now. So happy a friend introduced me to your books, just love them. Have four more of your books to find and buy and then I will have them all. I think the Nightingale should be on that list. I loved the Great Alone and look forward to all your books.

My book club met last night to discuss The Great Alone. I have to tell you that I finished reading this book on a road trip with my daughter and her new husband in the car. I'm in the backseat, reading and minding my own business, when I get to a certain point and just start swearing! Thanks for weaving us a beautiful story! I absolutely love all your books!

The Great Alone is my favorite book ever, I have read it twice already! I am anxiously awaiting your next book!!! It is a wonderful book. I always look forward to your books!! One of the best books I have read. Your books are beautifully written. My mom, mother in law, and I always enjoy reading your books.

Read this book without reading any of your other books. Thought it was awesome! I work part-time at a library, and must say this is the most requested book club that I've seen this year. People will drive to other libraries just to get it, even though we have a copy, and can request it. But it always seems to be out! We have many of your other books, too, and I always plug a positive when it comes up. I have read most of your books and The Great Alone was one of my favorites. Well deserved! I literally just finished reading this fantastic book tonight.

I was chuckling at the description of the tourists Your book The Great Alone inspired me to learn more about Alaska. Such a wonderful read. What an incredible book. I will definitely read it! Something about your books that really touch me like no others Of course we are!! Ha ha! Congratulations and well deserved! Please come to UK on a book tour! What a wonderful book it is xx. I also learned so much about Alaska. Nightingale one of my all time favorite books!

I tried reading The Great Alone because I'm sure it is wonderful, but couldn't get past in the beginning the use of the name of Jesus as cursing. It's a thing with me. I enjoy books that don't have to use that language. Times Square sounds like a good place to stay, right? New York is not cheap! We hit New York in Arctic conditions, snow was on the ground and temperatures were set to drop to degrees C.

That was pretty exciting for us, my kids had never seen snow and ice and they mostly loved the new experience.


Chef loved exploring the city, it was a dream come true for him. What we did manage to see we loved, New York is a great city. Even more amazing was where Getaway was parked berthed? Our hotel was just a few blocks away. You can buy your New York City Pass here. Taxi cabs work out cheaper than taking the subway tube train for a family of 4 on shorter trips.


Cabs are really good value. Breakfast in cheap hotels ours, at least is odd and served on disposable polystyrene plates and bowls. But there is plenty of it, a few bananas followed us up to our room and made great snacks. Free tea and coffee all day in the hotel lobby was good news for me and others on a budget.

Take-away cups and lids made it portable. A hot cup of coffee is a good hand warmer in New York in January. See the hotel we used here. Walking around New York was OK in the big freeze in jeans, normal shoes and a good hat and coat. It was interesting to experience the famous Arctic Vortex.

I was starting to go down with a cold picked up on the boat, but I hit it with vitamins and Echinacea and soldiered on, no problem. A lot of museums have a suggested admission fee only. The American Museum of Natural History was fabulous. I actually thought the New York version was better. Their dinosaur collection was fantastic and exhibits are presented in a really visually stimulating way, the kids loved it. Because of the grid layout of the streets and avenues it was super easy to find our way around.

We rarely needed to use public transport, good news for those seeing New York on a budget. The Sony Wonder Technology Laboratory is a great free and educational attraction for kids. We passed a pleasant couple of hours there. The website says you need to pre-book a time slot, we just turned up and got in straight away.

Had we wanted to get a 2nd look at the Statue of Liberty we could have taken the free Staten Island ferry. Staten Island has a park and it used to be a huge rubbish dump, but the views of the city skyline and Lady Liberty are great. To save more money we sent Chef for one of his walks while the boys and I got out of the cold in the museum. Update: We made it to Niagara and it was magical, post here! New York on a budget was probably the toughest part of our trip, financially. Pin it! We have lots of pins hidden that you'll see when you click.

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Top 10 Things to do in New York City on a Rainy Day ! ☔ (NYC Travel Tips)

Interesting article. I would have preferred having a little more info on affordable lodging. I always spend way too much money on NY trips. Need to get back to my budget college days where I took the train into the city and did everything on the cheap! Great tips…. We spent a month living with him while we explored the city and surrounding areas. It was a lot of fun and we spent a lot of time outside of Manhattan.

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This is great. I recognize some of your trips from our stay back in But your post makes me want to return, there is so much to see even in winter! We actually had a hotel without breakfast, but a great supermarket Fairway? Great option! I loved reading about your time in New York.

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We just went on our first family trip to New York a few weeks ago with a three and a five year old. Great to know that New York can be visited without spending toooo much money!