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Spitfire Classic Bighead Hoodie. Spitfire Classic Swirl Hoodie. Spitfire Classic Swirl Crewneck. Spitfire Bighead Hombre Crewneck. With a plane that is less provocative than one adorned with camouflage paint, we hope to broaden the appeal and reach of the project, and gain easier access to nations en route.

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On May 15th she is moved to Hamble for repairs and readied for collection on July 24th. The Spitfire was designed as a short-range, high-performance interceptor aircraft by R. Shenstone to have the thinnest possible cross-section, helping give the aircraft a higher top speed than several contemporary fighters, including the Hawker Hurricane. Mitchell continued to refine the design until his death in , whereupon his colleague Joseph Smith took over as chief designer, overseeing the development of the Spitfire through its multitude of variants.

Sadly, Mitchell was to die before seeing the aircraft go into operational use.

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By the area was at fever pitch with the production, development and operation of all sorts of fighting aircraft. The industry was now employing thousands of technicians and engineers. Production of the Spitfires at Woolston was at full capacity. This was now an open-ended order for the aircraft to replace many of which were lost during the Battle of Britain. September could perhaps be described as this country's darkest hour; in two daylight raids the Woolston works were destroyed, killing people.

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The Blitz on Southampton was devastating and the town was hit time and time again, not only because of its aircraft industry but because of its docks and its many other strategic targets. It is an irony that the maps the German pilots used to navigate and accurately attack the target were originally produced at the Ordnance Survey in Southampton. The situation was extremely grim. Lord Beaverbrook, the Minister for Aircraft Procurement, came to Southampton and insisted that the Spitfire must be produced locally in any location where aircraft could be built.