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Suddenly there was no way to have a separate folder for proxies so our proxies workflow was gone. I know, never upgrade a system during a project! By September we synced the different cuts and versions and all the footage in one library before moving forward. During this process, we had problems importing around 30 video files out of hundreds of files and 5 TB of footage.

FCPX simply refused to relink a few files.

Veekay's articles : The History Of The Corps - A Troubled Journey

We also had problems with resolution, as our off-line proxy editing timelines were set to x We needed to go back, and manually change the resolution of the multicam files. When we were able to consolidate and conform all edits in a master library, we had lost a couple days but we are able to get back on track.


After the The whole documentary in DaVinci Resolve right click for larger image. We did a picture lock by November and then grading started. We were now moving the project to Davinci Resolve. In some segments of the edit, Resolve was choosing other clips or just putting black slug instead of the original video. We tried this process a few times but the outcome was always the same.

After loosing three days we found our problem. On top of that, we realized that the C recorded the footage at 24p and everything else was That was not a problem for FCPX that was able to handle that and make perfect sync multicam at different frame rates, but Resolve was not able to read the correct TC on the XML file to the correct files so that was the reason for wrong video segments and clips appearing on the timeline. We were able to solve this problem exporting a master file of the final edit ProRes HQ and importing it on Resolve. Again, manually we substituted the non-linked or wrongly linked video files with sliced pieces of the ProRes master.

This laborious process took us an additional two days. An exported project audio in ProTools Right click for the large image. The final versioning and delivers were done in Premiere CC. The main reason for this choice was that the tracks layout makes it easier to import the final graded master from Resolve, import the mixed audio from ProTools, add titles and check levels. From Premiere we were able to export the final different masters, with different audio versions and different text and text less versions.

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That said, one of the deliveries required us to go back to FCPX. We were asked to deliver an SD 25i interlaced version of the show, converted from the x, Doing different tests, we concluded that FCPX and Compressor provided the best quality for the task the conversion out of Premiere was full of artifacts. The metadata facilities included make it the right tool for the job.

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  • The ecosystem created around it makes it more manageable. Finding the right shots and editing is way faster than with other NLEs. And with the lessons learnt, we now have the best workflow and the right tools for the job. Now with all the lessons learnt and the many mistakes made, we are establishing a more robust workflow for upcoming projects. Compressor does this really well.

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    Use the converted file as a master file and import it to Resolve. Resolve supposedly is able to handle projects with mixed frame rates, but the deliver page on Resolve can only export individual clips at their original frame rate and, in my experience, sometimes Resolve mishandles footage with different frame rates when we do a roundtrip to FCPX. It will make the process of finding the right takes and shots easier. Export XML to share cuts and string-outs between assistants and editors.

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    Resolve remote grade feature allows you to grade master clips before picture lock, as all the work can be re-used when the final XML is imported. This way we can start grading before we have a picture lock. Add titles, import final audio mix, do the final adjusts and export to different formats and codecs from the Delivery page. During The Stand Ups post-production process the big limitation we found in this FCPX workflow was the lack of the master clip concept, i.

    I know that you could open a video file as a timeline and grade it or apply a noise reduction sound effect, but then as soon you start editing instances of that clip, when you want to change the look or apply a new effect, there is no way to automatically update all the segments of that clip in the timeline. You needed to go back and do it individually to all segments. We really lacked this master clip concept or remote grade like Resolve calls it.

    Jaguar XJ220 - Troubled Journey (Peter W RMX)

    The workaround we discovered was to make each of these long video clips a multicam clip with just one angle. Then go inside the multicam do the grading, apply filters and change whatever was needed. From this multicam clip create as many segments as needed, marking in and out points and bringing it to the timeline so insert from the multicam not the original clip.

    If later we needed to make all the segments brighter or darker or do any change, we go to the multicam clip, apply the changes and then, all the segments in the timeline took from that multicam clip will automatically be updated with the new look. The best part was that this single angle multicam clips transfer perfectly to Resolve. I would love if they could create a plug-in version of their Davinci Resolve. Instead of rendering footage, send it back and forward to applications, we could just share metatada. With this solution we could start and finish our projects inside FCPX.

    More filters. Sort order. Oct 22, Lisa Kucharski rated it it was ok. A suspense thriller story, more than a mystery. Carol's husband dies after falling out a window of their apartment. Was it murder or suicide? Carol believes that the police think she may have done it; that, along with a strange condition in his will sets up the stage for a "troubled journey. I underst A suspense thriller story, more than a mystery. I understand that it is all part of the creating a psychosis in the reader but I found it a bit tiresome.

    The ending was much much better I feel this would be a much better as a film then reading through it. If you like psychological thrillers and high suspense I would suggest this is right up your alley. I however, would like a bit more detecting to be done. Mar 06, Fredrick Danysh rated it really liked it. Carol Sanders husband falls out of his New York apartment window and dies. Carol has a history of mental depression prior to her marriage so her husband's will states that if she has a reoccurrance his brother will manage the estate.

    As Carol drives to Florida with his family, strange things start to happen. Is she going crazy or is the situation being manipulated? Sue rated it it was amazing Mar 15, Donavon rated it liked it Jun 20, Bev rated it liked it Aug 12, Mary rated it really liked it Nov 21, Kit rated it it was amazing Jul 25, Abbey marked it as to-read Jun 16, Chi Dubinski added it Feb 16, Ingrid added it Oct 10, Thomas Btes marked it as to-read Jul 12, Kate added it Oct 19, Marcia Schmit marked it as to-read Apr 25, Wendolyn Lea marked it as to-read Feb 08, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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