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The Power of Silence in Indonesian Literature. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This collection explores the interpretation of historical fiction through fictional representations of the past in an Asian context. Emphasising the significance of region and locality, it explores local networks of political and cultural exchanges at the heart of an Asian polity.

The collection calls attention to the importance of acknowledging local tensions—both within the historical and cultural make-up of a country, and within the Asian continent—in the interpretation of historical fiction. Writing with an elegant and often poetic style, British author Armfield conjures nine uncanny worlds in her first short story collection.

Behind each of her stories lie undercurrents of loss, metamorphosis, and the ever shifting nature of human relationships. The horror of her work comes not only from the eerie occurrences on each page, but also in the relatability of her characters and the connections a reader can draw between their situations and the absurdity of everyday life Armfield occasionally deploys startling, stunning turns of phrase Nicola Upson. As always, Upson couples an engrossing plot with a nuanced and poignant look at human passions and frailties. Fans of golden-age mysteries will be more than satisfied.

Positive Kirkus Achingly perceptive about forbidden relationships and the unreasoning hatred they can provoke, then as now. Tom Mueller. Rave Kirkus Whether writing about drug companies that conceal unfavorable evidence, hospitals that engage in needless admissions, or nuclear facilities that waste public funds, the author engrossingly examines the ethics, mechanics, and reverberations of whistleblowing of all kinds, emphasizing how bitterly controversial the practice remains, posing a clash between group loyalty and individual conscience This exceptionally timely book is sure to strike a chord with readers paying close attention to the political landscape.

Jessie Mihalik. Positive Smart Bitches Trashy Books Though returning to the series made me realize some repeating elements that bothered me. I absolutely adored Bianca as the heroine One thing I wish was a bit different with Bianca and the series as a whole is the notion that everyone is some sort of young prodigy Joe Hill. The truth is that it would be easy to expound at length upon just about every one of these stories.

His ability to construct such sturdily delicate plots, both solid and subtle, is a joy to experience. The journey is taut and fraught and emotionally charged; the destination is visceral and surprising and both exquisitely chosen and utterly unexpected.

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He earns every shocked disbelieving headshake he gets - and there are a few What you might not expect from a book of scary tales is how funny they are. Rave Publishers Weekly Hill tackles his dark subjects with humanity and empathy, and his complex, fully realized characters leap into the imagination. Miniature masterworks of modern horror proving that life is hard, weird, and always fatal.

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Svetlana Alexievich, Trans. Rave SF Gate What is most important about Alexievich is that even though she treads deeply into the Russian psyche, her books have immense humanistic power. Like her other books, Secondhand Time is told through oral monologues, and its stories transcend national boundaries Alexievich pays particular attention to new horrors: ethnic cleansing following the breakup of the U. Readers must possess steely nerves and a strong desire to get inside the Soviet psyche in order to handle the blood, gore, and raw emotion Her subjects argue with and lie to themselves; nearly everyone talks about love and loss in the context of war, hunger, betrayal, financial ruin, and emotional collapse.

Rave Kirkus A lively, deeply moving cacophony of Russian voices for whom the Soviet era was as essential as their nature The author captures these voices in a priceless time capsule. Profoundly significant literature as history. Carol Anshaw. Rave Kirkus Anshaw crafts an engaging narrative with her customary precision and tart humor In a cast of richly drawn characters, Cate is foremost Anshaw never amps up her fiction with melodrama or neat conclusions, and she leaves her characters changed but by no means finished in an indeterminate yet satisfying finale Positive Publishers Weekly Anshaw brings a fresh, keen voice to this story of modern lesbian life Lina Rather.

Positive Publishers Weekly Rather unflinchingly tackles questions of faith, war, and penance in this far-future novella debut Rather exhibits expert control over her characters and world, providing sufficient detail to feed the imagination without detracting from the steady pace of the story. The only significant flaw is the ending, which is chock full of philosophical meaning but perhaps too abrupt. Readers will hope to see more of Sister Faustina, the Reverend Mother, and their unlikely crew. Madeleine Roux. Scenes of violence are gory but not gratuitous, and Roux will leave readers wondering whether the real source of evil is in human minds and hearts.

This entertaining, deeply disturbing, and clever story hits all the right notes for those who like a little horror with their SF. Rosalyn is much more interesting as a troubled janitor than she is as a thriller heroine, and the tenuous attraction between her and Edison seems contrived. Moderately entertaining at best. Rave Kirkus Science fiction has long been the great equalizer in the American literary landscape—capable of imagining more inclusive futures even as it struggles to represent them equitably on its pages.

Because of the diversity of its authorship, this anthology does more than imagine what the world might be like if all of our perspectives were included. Instead, it moves past the picture of representation to a clear, uncompromising, imaginative look at just what it is we are all included in Provocative, challenging stories that project the tech innovations of today onto the moral framework of tomorrow.

Each author cleverly and thoroughly explores the benefits and consequences of change, making this essential reading for anyone intrigued by what might come next for humankind. Aarti Namdev Shahani. Positive The National Book Review Shahani, who won scholarships for her education, worked for his exoneration, and in her powerful, nuanced account comes to terms with the dark underside of the American dream. Positive Kirkus As it chronicles immigrant tragedy and triumph, this provocative book also reveals the dark underside of the American judicial system and the many pitfalls for people of color within a landscape of white privilege A candid and moving memoir.

Positive Publishers Weekly In a conversational tone, the book exposes the ugliness of the criminal justice system, which pressures defendants to take plea bargains. The author discusses becoming a journalist and building the kind of successful career her father never had and ends with a letter to her father, who eventually became a U. Helena Janeczek, trans. Pan Kirkus For long stretches, little happens. Gerda is seen only through a glass darkened by resentment. But the chief hurdle for readers of English is the prose. Flirts dangerously with unreadability. Rosmarie Waldrop.

It obeys our expectations. An unconventional but effective take on the legacy of Nazism. Elizabeth Hand. Positive Publishers Weekly [An] atmospheric crime novel Hand skillfully develops each character beyond mere oddity or empty sensation Pin is an engaging, courageous heroine, and her musings on gender identity are both poignant and relevant. Richly imaginative and psychologically complex. Paul Hendrickson. Hendrickson is distinguished by his brilliant ability to find just the right angles on each of his disparate subjects, with multiple perspectives inspiring a whole new way of seeing an American icon.

Horacio Castellanos Moya. Rave Kirkus An exquisitely wry novel that builds on the infinite variations of anxiety as narrative force Moya has written a tight little novel that is wickedly witty and built on the idea of memory as a never-ending cause of inspiration and turmoil. Augusten Burroughs. Mixed Kirkus The author has always displayed a talent for sharing sometimes-grim personal dramas with a keen whimsical flair. Unfortunately, the balance is never quite achieved here; the dramatic moments are softly conceived while his narrative often swings in a broader comedic direction.

Though we see Burroughs and Christopher struggle through potential hardships, including a tornado and illness, these often feel like contrived plot points allowing for further witty indulgences In adulthood, a series of spells enable [Burroughs] and husband Christopher to move from Manhattan to a dream house in rural Connecticut, and the book is at heart an affectionate, gently humorous portrait of their neurotic version of domestic tranquility, told through picaresque anecdotes sometimes tangentially related to magic Dorthe Nors, trans.

Nowhere here is a word out of place. Each of these pages contains a trapdoor, a side entrance, and, at times, they feel like dispatches from an alien world or maybe the basement Positive Kirkus These stories are, in varying degrees, arresting Nors is just as mordant in her treatment of a self-aggrandizing charlatan who reinvents himself as a Buddhist to become head of an aid organization, which he then rips off Javier Marias.

Michael Hughes. Mixed Kirkus The rest is…well…The Iliad. Writing in a fast-paced Irish lilt, debut bard Hughes is at his best His reimagining of Helen His characters are not themselves but proxies for the Homeric originals; they don the armor and read the lines but are lacking in on-the-page emotional complexity. Similarly, dozens of scenes are included to simply check off their corresponding plot box in The Iliad—and therefore deliver very little affect of their own.

The result? The novel, despite its promising start, quickly devolves into a litany of allusions A too faithful retelling that, despite some vivid moments, ultimately has little life of its own. Positive Publishers Weekly The tragedy There is rough poetry in both the self-serving speechifying of the leaders and the violent threats of the rank-and-file. Vivian Gornick. Positive Kirkus Regret, anxiety and nostalgia inform this finely crafted memoir, built of fragmentary reflections on friendship, love, desire and the richness of living in New York A gentle, rueful, thoughtful memoir.

Positive Publishers Weekly Compulsively judgmental of friends and family Gornick delights above all in reporting snatches of dialogue and startling encounters that reveal a human expressiveness Gornick is admittedly lonely and sometimes befuddled by her feminist ideals, questioning her youthful belief that solitude was preferable to romantic love without equality.

Gornick returns to many of the writers whose own quirks and grievances have obsessed her Ellie Alexander. Distinctive characters and fun anecdotes about beer and brewing help make this a winner. Readers will want to keep coming back for more. Positive Kirkus Appealing characters, a brewing primer, and myriad suspects combine in a sprightly adventure. Susan Isaacs. Despite the predictable plot and a climax lacking punch, Isaacs amply compensates with vibrant characters, snappy dialogue, and an arresting first-person narrative.

Readers in search of a stylish beach read will be satisfied. Mixed Kirkus A full-time job for the reader While the investigation goes on and on, often straining credibility, other possible plotlines in the book suffer These characters and storylines are sketched in but languish as the Delaney investigation inexorably proceeds in excruciating detail. Still, Isaacs never forgets the need to charm the reader. Corie keeps up the nonstop sarcastic patter, and she really is a hoot Russell Rowland.

This is a love letter to the small-town, rough-and-tumble, fisticuff-heavy ranch life of 50 years ago. In straight-ahead, unfussy prose, Rowland keeps the novel humming along. A quick-moving, plainspoken, mostly charming exploration of the hardscrabble life of the livestock rancher of old.

Lee Child. Whenever the plot shifts to the machinations between the rival gangsters it bogs down in exposition. The carnage here should be funnier the more extreme it gets. Rave Publishers Weekly Readers will cheer as Reacher and his allies, a resourceful waitress and two fellow ex-military guys he hooks up with, take the fight straight to the top of the criminal command chain. Child is at the top of his game in this nail-biter.

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David Yoon. Through rich and complex characterization that rings completely true, the story highlights divisions within the Korean immigrant community and between communities of color in the U. A deeply moving account of love in its many forms. Yoon never settles for stereotypes, instead giving his well-defined characters a diversity of experience, identity, sexuality, and ambition.

Lara Maiklem. Entertaining reading for British history buffs and budding archaeologists. Positive Publishers Weekly British editor Maiklem plumbs the archaeological history of the Thames River through unearthed remnants discovered on its banks in her engrossing debut This thoroughly fascinating look at treasure hunting along the banks of the Thames also serves as an astute history lesson. Tom Lobianco. The author presents the possibility that Pence could serve a second term if Trump wins in and then seek the presidency in A useful portrait of an enigmatic politician.

Brendan Simms. Positive Kirkus A British academic builds on previous scholarship to make a bold thesis A vigorous, original study that adds to the ongoing scholarship. Ayelet Gundar-Goshen. Positive Publishers Weekly Lies take life in this excellent novel This tender and satisfying coming-of-age story leads readers to question how a split second can change lives. A psychological page-turner, rich in setting, character, and wisdom. Jeannie Vanasco. Rave Kirkus With deep self-consciousness, courage, and nuance, the author reveals the inner universe of her survivorship and interrogates the notion that rapists are two-dimensionally evil Instead, Vanasco invites her readers to understand the complicated humanity involved in both causing and experiencing harm, leaving the limits and possibilities of accountability and healing as urgent, open questions An extraordinarily brave work of self- and cultural reflection.

Mona Eltahawy. Rave Kirkus A striking anti-patriarchal manifesto Eltahawy is at her most controversial when discussing what she believes are the leveling benefits of physical violence in the face of patriarchal crimes. Sprinkled throughout the narrative are moving personal stories, histories, and profiles that further reinforce her plan to dismantle the rampant injustices against women.

Her urgent narrative encourages women of all ages to resist classic compartmentalization and to raise their voices and demand equality within every sector of society A vociferous, highly motivational call to arms for the feminist movement. Rachel Maddow. Sarah Schulman. These diatribes are brimming with so much vitriol that they ultimately come across as the personal agenda of someone with an ax to grind rather than cogent research. Sady Doyle. Rave Kirkus The second book by feminist commentator Doyle Doyle recognizes how much of our misogynistic, transphobic cultural id is revealed in our trashiest cultural products, and she never loses sight of how the social norms they promote have led to feelings of fear and entrapment at best and countless deaths at worst.

Unflinching, hard-charging feminist criticism. Minerva Spencer. Rave Kirkus Spencer continues her outstanding Outcasts series with two characters from completely different backgrounds who share similar values and a sizzling passion. Sexy, witty, and fiercely entertaining. Ryan Swanson. Sports fans and history buffs alike will enjoy this focused portrait of President Roosevelt. Rj Barker.

Positive Publishers Weekly Unusual attention to detail makes a water-covered world come to life Though characterization is declared more than demonstrated, this is a very promising beginning for a proposed trilogy. Peter Colt. The resulting tale may not be stunningly original, but those who enjoy newish reworkings of classic PI tropes will be satisfied. Throughout it all, Colt conscientiously supplies the obligatory complications of the hard-boiled formula—sexual come-ons, gunplay, mob figures, betrayals—but in slow motion Not much incident but lots of attitude.

Albert Chen. Mixed Publishers Weekly In this entertaining debut, Sports Illustrated editor Chen examines a decade of online fantasy sports Fans of financial thrillers such as Barbarians at the Gate will be excited by this insider account of the dizzying rise of fantasy sports websites. P J Tracy. This smooth mix of police procedural and techno thriller offers likable characters and a complex, well-crafted plot. Tracy fans will be well satisfied. Bill Bryson. Positive Publishers Weekly Through anecdotes about scientific history and startling facts that seem too extraordinary to be true—the DNA in one person, if stretched out, would measure billions of miles and reach beyond Pluto—Bryson draws the reader into his subject Scott Thomas.

Ian Sansom. Positive NPR Indeed, the text generally has a breathless, tossed-off air He certainly knows a lot about Auden, and there are flashes of genuine perceptiveness Knowledgeable and occasionally insightful but also undisciplined and self-indulgent. Peter Finn.

Positive Kirkus Fast-paced The author provides added interest with his profiles of several other figures of historical note Finn combines solid research and good storytelling skills to bring Gertie and her era to life for contemporary readers. A little-known chapter of World War II history with an intriguing American intelligence agent in the leading role. Laetitia Colombani. Suspense builds for each of these women as they struggle to make decisions in the face of their harsh realities.

Intriguing strands connect the three A sense of urgency to learn how the stories will be resolved drives the fast-paced narrative. The prose hums along without fuss, and several chapters end with terrific suspense. An impeccably crafted love letter to the oft-unseen and ignored work of women across the world. Debbie Harry. Harry offers a frank look at her life on the edge Rave Kirkus In this whirlwind tour of her life, Harry, one of the most photographed faces in music, deploys an irreverent style well suited to her story.

Her tales of life before, during, after, and beyond her time with Blondie are intermixed with interludes that capture the eclectic and electric passion she has for the creative process. In a narrative that feels simultaneously heartfelt and spontaneous, Harry recounts close encounters with violence and harassment with the same immediacy as the moments that catapulted Blondie to worldwide fame Instead, readers will find reflection on life with a budding band and an uncensored view of what it took to succeed.

The narrative reflects the energy of the punk and new wave scene as the author weaves personal stories with entertaining descriptions of partying and playing with the likes of the Ramones, Andy Warhol, Iggy Pop, and David Bowie. Bart Paul. Clean, elegant prose compensates for the thin mystery plot. Imani Perry. Rave Kirkus A multidisciplinary and acclaimed researcher, Perry uses references throughout the slim volume that range across centuries and the global black diaspora, across folklore, music, and visual arts as well as the influence of numerous faith traditions Deeply intergenerational, the book blurs intended audiences to call all of us to face up to legacies of injustice while insisting on the grace and conviviality necessary to imagine just futures A masterfully poetic and intimate work that anchors mothering within the long-standing tradition of black resistance and resourcefulness.

Joe Abercrombie. Nor the plot, which proves elusive and possibly unfathomable What matters are the details. Every scene features one or more memorably well-developed, convincingly lifelike characters With expert craft, Abercrombie lays the groundwork for another thrilling trilogy. Josh Campbell. Positive Kirkus A newsworthy book in an electoral cycle that promises to see plenty of foreign interference—and little resistance from Republicans. Attica Locke. A leaner, meaner version was an opportunity missed, yet Locke remains an author to watch.

Andy Weir. Positive Kirkus Weir displays a virtuosic ability to write about highly technical situations without leaving readers far behind. The result is a story that is as plausible as it is compelling. The author imbues Mark with a sharp sense of humor, which cuts the tension, sometimes a little too much—some readers may be laughing when they should be on the edges of their seats.

Sharp, funny and thrilling, with just the right amount of geekery. Rave Publishers Weekly Weir laces the technical details with enough keen wit to satisfy hard science fiction fan and general reader alike. Halle Butler. As both women fray, this poison pill of a novel moves to its arch conclusion.

Positive Kirkus In this wickedly disaffected, sometimes-funny debut novel, Butler creates a story of two exceedingly unhappy women, both sliding into a downward spiral shaped by everyday misery and petty hatreds Its most striking feature is the way it digs into this small canvas of revulsion, bringing up recognizable portraits of our least generous, most unlikable urges Though it suffers from an oddly studious use of vulgarity, the novel has a degree of compelling, train-wreck allure A novel that reads like rubbernecking or a junk-food binge, compelling a horrified fascination and bleak laughter in the face of outrageously painted everyday sadness.

A family drama that refuses to jell. Thomas Pierce. Each takes a mundane experience and adds an element of the extra weird Positive Kirkus People get uncomfortably close to their primal tendencies in this debut story collection that highlights the quirky and uncanny A promising debut that studies hard-luck types from new and provocative perspectives. Anne Perry. Readers will root for the forceful, independent Elena, who will appeal to Maisie Dobbs fans.

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Perry knows how to ratchet up the international intrigue. Sturdy woman-on-the-run period intrigue with a strong rooting interest and a weak ending. Anna Veltfort. However, she captures her teenage self thoughtfully and on a number of emotional registers Plainspoken to a fault, but a revealing portrait of sexual intimidation under an authoritarian regime. Sarah Milov. Positive Kirkus Milov Lloyd Spencer Davis.

Rave Publishers Weekly Biologist Davis Ryan Patrick Hanley. Hanley argues that Smith, though best known as an economist, was a social theorist as well and was deeply concerned with how to live a happy and beneficial life Hanley makes it clear from the outset that he does not consider this volume either a scholarly endeavor or a self-help book, making it difficult to tell whom he expects his audience to be.

Felix J Palma, Trans. Everything inside it works differently. But the title story—about a wealthy man who gives his wife pieces of his body over the course of their marriage—is indeed the standout and is practically dripping with black comedy and potential interpretations Palma has a piercing imagination hampered only by plots that are borderline contrived and an unchanging narrative voice.

Palma proves he is an assured, creative writer with a knack for the unsettling. Maria Tumarkin. Mixed Kirkus A book of extended annotations of familiar axioms that challenges readers to connect a lot of dots However, most of them could stand on their own as well-reported literary journalism, with the author very present in her own work in a manner occasionally reminiscent of Joan Didion Tumarkin asks deep, difficult questions and refuses to settle for easy answers.

Provocative reading for those willing to put in the effort. That the essays come across as original is a testament to their artful construction, as they organically navigates the networks of a community and evoke a larger system through its smaller components Martin Edwards.

Lisa Unger. Rave Crime by the Book Unger expertly draws the reader into the rich psychological terrain of her characters, unspooling layers of intrigue and suspense in this stellar character study Unger has crafted here truly superb suspense protagonists Readers looking for a psychological thriller-meets-character study that takes them inside the mind and motivations of a serial killer will love.

Surviving a crime is the beginning of the story, not the end, in this astute, engrossing thriller. She also squirrels away several startling trump cards for later. Colin Barrett. Barrett knows the woods and roads surrounding Glanbeigh as well as he understands the youth who roam them. This is his territory, his people. He writes with beauty and a toughness that captures the essence of boredom and angst Barrett has given us moments that resonate true to a culture, a population and a geography that are fertile with the stuff of good fiction.

Annalee Newitz. Rave Kirkus Newitz Old Media , , etc.

Asia and the Historical Imagination

The humdinger of an ending is a perfect cherry on top. An ambitious adventure that keeps the surprises coming. Smart and profound on every level, this is a deeply satisfying novel. K Jemisin. Rave Kirkus Debut fantasy features an intriguing, well-drawn mythology. At first glance, the basic plot may seem standard Jemisin lavishes considerable care on her fictional universe, but she also creates a subtle, emotionally complex character in the thoughtful Yeine.

Readers will definitely look forward to future installments of the projected Inheritance Trilogy.

Table of contents

An offbeat, engaging tale by a talented and original newcomer. Multifaceted characters struggle with their individual burdens and desires, creating a complex, edge-of-your-seat story with plenty of funny, scary, and bittersweet twists. Linwood Barclay. Readers who live on high floors will glance nervously toward the nearest stairs as they tear through this exciting thriller. Mixed Kirkus Barclay is an old hand at twisty, tantalizing plots. But as promising as the premise is, it never really goes anywhere. A combination of so-so surprises, contrived turns, and gratuitous elements take the air out of the story A recurring motif is characters with restrictive physical conditions being forced to climb many flights of stairs.

Megan Kruse. Amy, Lydia, and Jackson must redefine their own ideas of family as they try desperately to move on and make lives for themselves. A powerful story told with ferocity and grace. Tracy O'Neill. Positive Kirkus As the narrative weaves through sessions with her psychiatrist and a recounting of her training as a figure skater, what emerges is not a predictable story of loss and hope but a complex family drama The entry into this novel can be difficult.

The chronology is often unclear; many chapters are almost exclusively unmarked dialogue between Ali and her therapist; and sometimes the reader is not given enough context to fully understand a scene. But the book soars in its descriptions of figure skating, capturing its strange and brutal beauty and achieving a beauty of its own in the process Edgy and serious enough to not feel like a guilty pleasure. Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi. A clearly unreliable narrator, the character nonetheless draws the reader deeper into his mental labyrinth, as snippets of a possible truth shine through as from a blinding streak of lightning on a dark night This short but substantial novel both celebrates the process of thinking and offers cautions about the perils of our inner monologues.

A rare gem of a book that begs to be read again. Rave Kirkus Debut fantasy features an intriguing, well-drawn mythology Readers will definitely look forward to future installments of the projected Inheritance Trilogy Yelena Akhtiorskaya. The prose is finely crafted, but this is not a tale of relatable people. Instead, Akhtiorskaya excels at humorous, slightly overstated character sketches, making each person uniquely absurd.

Alex Gilvarry. Characters in the story besides Boy rarely become more than strictly functional Gilvarry is a talented writer and observer, but the satirical elements could have been better tailored. Molly Antopol. Positive Publishers Weekly Spanning a large swath of the 20th century, these are stories about the older generation of Jews who fled Europe and saw their courage tested There are no happy endings, nor does Antopol people her stories with heroes. What draws the reader to her deeply flawed characters is their keen self-awareness, and their consequent ability to act with a semblance of moral, sometimes even selfless, integrity.

Rave Kirkus The impressive debut collection by Antopol Antopol offers complex, psychologically subtle portraits of her often regretful characters A smart, empathetic, well-crafted first collection. Amanda Coplin. Yet the novel is so beautifully written, so alive to the magnificence of the land and the intricate mysteries of human nature, that it inspires awe rather than depression Superb work from an abundantly gifted young writer.

Coplin refuses to sentimentalize. Instead, she demonstrates that courage and compassion can transform unremarkable lives and redeem damaged souls. Jack Goldsmith. Positive Kirkus The author adeptly synthesizes his personal involvement with the tale of politics, mobsters, and working-class decline that Hoffa represents, though he, too, finds the mystery unsolvable.

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A darkly engaging account of an important, misunderstood epoch. Jennifer duBois. Mixed Kirkus