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Anakbayan Batangas Chapter Political Organization. Pages Liked by This Page. Exposing the Iglesia ni Cristo Cult of Manalo. Latin Mass Society of Davao.

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Catholic Memes. Information about Page Insights Data. Ang Dating Daan founder gibuhatan ug larawan sa iyang miembro. Catholic Faith Defenders - Davao City shared a post. See All. Recommendations and Reviews.

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CFD Organization is a the frontline of our Church. So I, with full of knowledge, commend this org to For it defends, educate and evangelize. Defends: from various attacks of the non-Catholics; Educate: extends its responsiblity to educate Catholic members who needs it; and Evangelize: those who are not yet reached then through example.

See More. May 29, Refuting the anti-SSPX bias. That means that he did not exercise any authority in overriding canon law. According to Canon , no ecclesiastical penalty is incurred by any cleric acting under the subjective belief of a state of necessity, even if no such a state objectively existed. Excommunications are not infallible - many saints were unjustly excommunicated such as St Athanasius, and some even died under excommunication, such as St Joan of Arc. Even if such an excommunication did exist, Pope Benedict lifted them.

Schism is defined as the refusal of communion with the pope and those subject to him, and as the SSPX does not do this, they are not in schism. There is no such thing as 'formal schism' or 'material schism' - one is either in communion or in schism, and as stated previously, the SSPX is not in schism, therefore they are in communion, albeit lacking canonical status. Cardinal Lara, the President of the Pontifical Commission for the Authentic Interpretation of Canon Law stated in that consecrating bishops without papal approval is not a schismatic act, but simply a disobedient act.

St Eusebius consecrated bishops without Pope Liberius' permission, yet was not in schism because he acted in a state of necessity. Disobedience to a pope is required when what he commands is a danger to the faith. September 29, It was the very first interaction design consulting firm.

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In particular, his invention, design personas, is almost universally used in the field. He shared his tools, knowledge, and experience in two best-selling books, still in print and widely referenced. In Alan invented a dynamically extensible visual programming tool and sold it to Bill Gates, who released it to the world as Visual Basic, arguably the most successful programming language ever.

In , Cooper left Silicon Valley to live on a acre former dairy farm in the rolling hills north of San Francisco where he continues to advocate for more humane technology. Prefer to read on Medium? Yeah, they should all. You know, like what the hell, where does that come from? But in order to be a good designer in the tech field, you have to understand what your boss motivations are.

You have to understand what motivates them. So if you get that understanding by coding, go for it. Now everybody then starts throwing in my face this thing about the one man shop and to which I say the one-man shop, I say do you want to go and get your heart replaced in a one-man shop operating theater.

So, if you get a one-man shop, then I fully expect to see you doing some disruptive stuff. Alan Cooper: Oh right! Do you have opinions on that? You kind of alluded to it a little bit I think? Visual design is not about reconceptualizing electronic health records out of the possession of the health provider to the possession of the health consumer.

And the same thing with user interface design. I mean your verbiage, Mayberry. Their thinking about how do they make money, how do they meet payroll? You know what I mean? And what I believe is that my personal goal as a practitioner is always quality. I always opt for quality, Okay! And I have blind faith that if I can achieve quality, I will get profit as Steve jobs did.

053: Be a Good Ancestor with Alan Cooper (Part II)

It went to a dynastic victory over multiple product fields. There was no social media to speak of and so and so that relentless attention on people got lost in the Microsoft envision of a computer and every desktop. It was corporate speak. Incorporations ruled the computing landscape. And Microsoft dominated with that. And Apple just barely stayed alive. I mean, Jobs had to go and beg Bill Gates to give them money. I mean to you imagine going to your most despised enemy.

Not just not an enemy you respect either. Jason Ogle: How can designers, how can we kind of get business people, people that are more concerned with business on board with the vision of creating great products? I mean basically, we have to overturn the dominant paradigm. That was the response to a criminal act of American bankers, and you see this across the board.

So look at it this way. If what you do is you say, how successful is America doing? Well, if you look at the GDP, you know, it was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to the GDP was the Santa Rosa fire here a few months ago, where 7, houses burned to the ground. That was really, really good for GDP.

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So, what happens is you have to say, our metrics really getting us where we want to go and in what we do is we let the numbers be proxies for reality and it leads us into trouble. So the map is not the territory. So the same thing is all pervasive in the tech world. And what that did was that created a huge entrepreneurial market gap but a bunch of people waited into it and created a whole new industry. The problem is the World Wide Web did the same thing.

You know, it created this huge gap where individuals could walk in and say, but I can create an entirely new business here that the big guys are not seeing at all. It took decades and decades to get millions of users is much slower, much more tedious, so they had to build brick by brick, an edifice of actual quality. I mean, being able to innovate today is really difficult because; if you do innovate, the big guys will steal it from you and crush you.

They will out lawyer you or the trolls will come in and just take your money and leave, you know, wounded in the desert without a horse, you know. What we do is we say, how much money is this going to make me today? And this is not the tech industry. The tech industry just happens to have, oh by the way, multiplied all that stuff and accelerated all that stuff.

I mean, number one, the tools in fact do have an inherent morality and it happens to reflect the inherent morality of people who are not accountable for their actions. And software is a giant blind. And so we have to proactively work to prevent this. So, the larger world is a microcosm of the tech world, and the tech world is a microcosm of the larger world. Alan Cooper: But yeah, it is deep stuff. The thing is so I use this metaphor all the time of Robert Oppenheimer, the guy who invented the atomic bomb in the s.

Defenders of the Faith pres. The G's Next Door, Part II - All Terrain (Audio)

He was the smartest guy in the world and the US government gave him essentially unlimited power and unlimited resources said, invent the bomb to end the war. And he was on a mission of good and he invented the bomb. And when you saw that bomb go off, he went, oh shit. Because all of a sudden he realized that while arguably he shortened the war, he also unleashed a new world order that was not necessarily a good thing for the human race. We thought we were building really cool ways to dis-intermediate retail.

And it turns out that we were building the next atomic bomb, which is the. They were in your computer, on your social media and the United States lost. So yeah, this is deep, this big shit. And so interaction design is not about whether you get that big promotion. Jason Ogle: Yeah! We need champions for the users now more than ever. Make a difference! Alan Cooper: Well, thank you. I agree. I appreciate your passion.

This is why I have arrived at ancestry thinking. It how do you be a good ancestor? So instead of making more money, or being on the winning team, what we can do is we can be better ancestors. And people think that what they have to do is, you know, they have a job working for Facebook and what they need to do is somehow changed the organization.

But what you can do is you can have an effect on the next generation of products that are coming down the pike. But the problem is that you make an assumption, what you have to do is you have to circle back and you have to assess that assumption. You say, did that assumption to work?

The assumption that the soap dispenser company made was that their staff was representative that they were adequately their user community, and that was a bad assumption. So, questioning assumptions is an ongoing process. And this is something that we need to build in. And kids today, they just grow up trained to understand that they have to be conservative and they have to recycle, and sustainability is drummed into them. There are things that get constantly reexamined. As situations change, even settlements need to be reexamined. And again, externalities are normal and good.

This is a hard hat area. Jason Ogle: Okay? Alan Cooper: And the thing is that in fact, it might be a reasonable externality to make during launch time. Alan Cooper: Yeah! And then the third thing is timescale.

And when you take venture money, the VCs are on your board and what they will do is they will force you to grow, you will get big. And what he did was he created an externality and he did it by refusing to think about the time, okay, and by refusing to…. All the social media guys are the same. They all do the same thing. Maybe someday there will be lots of cocaine out the windows of lots of cars and it will be accumulating and it will be really bad for our quality of life. Okay, so is that easy? You know, so what else you doing?

I mean, this is hard. The business could be good.

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It could be really good. The thing is that there are some billionaires who are going to be making a few billion less. It seems like at this point. I mean he just released some emails that he wrote internally and he released those to public about how he just wants to step away from the whole management thing and empower, which I think is a great call.

He wants to empower individuals to run a every department of Twitter and kind of step away.