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Louis, the largest city along the border of slavery and freedom. From this vantage point, the Civil War era looks less like a fight between North and South over slavery or the West as a prize, and more like a messy struggle between northerners, southerners, and westerners, a clash among three incompatible regional visions, whose leaders argued about the definition and importance of Manifest Destiny and slavery politics.

Arenson weaves this political history with analyses of paintings, architecture, and other cultural products, paying particular attention to institutions such as universities and railroads. The result is a vibrant history of the Civil War era from the heart of the Republic that enriches our understanding of America at a crossroads. Louis and the Nation Author Presentations. Louis — the place where northern, southern, and western values collided — Arenson argues persuasively that we can better understand the ways in which civil war left the nation profoundly altered, but not transformed, and still deeply divided.

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Louis was a critical site for understanding the Civil War era. The story has never been told so well and with such balance and inclusiveness. Louis and the Cultural Civil War. Two other specials, C. Hillen and Theodore Davis, were wounded.

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The English-born Waud and Theodore Davis were the only specials who remained on assignment without respite, covering the war from the opening salvos in April through the fall of the Confederacy four years later. In spite of the remarkable courage these men displayed and the events they witnessed, their stories have gone unnoticed: Virginia native son and Union supporter D.

They took great pride in making their renderings as faithful as possible. For one day I got an escort of ten men and made some sketches in comparative safety … All who have seen them say they are very accurate. I need hardly assure you that I do my best to make them so, as fidelity to fact is, in my opinion, the first thing to be aimed at. Engravers then carved different sections of the drawing, the most experienced of them working on detailed figures and complex compositions, and the apprentices taking on the simpler background tasks.

Once the engraving was completed, it was electrotyped—copied onto metal plates in preparation for printing.

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The engravings could also be copied and sent overseas to foreign publishers for added revenue. Usually it took two to three weeks for the drawn image to appear in print, although important events or battles could be rushed into print in a matter of days. He was sketching among the crowds watching from the seawall as Confederate guns fired on Fort Sumter. His views, his reporters, and his pictorial weekly, which had started in , were decidedly not welcome in Secessia.

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The war changed all that. Alfred Waud, the most prolific special, created many of the most memorable sketches of critical moments at Antietam and Gettysburg, where he was the first artist to arrive on the field. On July 21, , he traveled to the Bull Run battlefield in the photographic wagon owned and driven by his friend Mathew Brady. Already known as a boon companion and crack artist, at Bull Run Waud took up arms against the Confederates.

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