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Chris Algieri. David Epstein. Published on Nov 2, SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! Embed Size px. There are a lot of folks reading this, having not watched one minute of college basketball before this week, looking for all the bracket answers. If you didn't get them yet , the next few brackets are for you.

The RPI is a bit of a flawed stat for several reasons, but instead of ripping the RPI for what it's not, let's acknowledge what it is: The college basketball Ratings Percentage Index is the best tool we have for ranking every single team in the country, from Duke to Grambling State and every school in between.

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The RPI takes into account wins and losses for each team, its opponents and the teams its opponents face, also factoring in where each game was played and simultaneously looking at each team's strength of schedule. The RPI doesn't explicitly dictate which teams will get in, but it does help break a few ties for those teams on the bubble, and it certainly helps the selection committee with seeding all 68 teams. Really, it doesn't much matter if Duke is a No.

Unlike football, where rankings like this help choose which teams play for the national championship, the RPI merely helps determine seeding and the last few teams in.

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The beauty of the NCAA tournament is the winner always being determined on the court, not by the computer. Louisville is actually ranked third in the latest RPI, but it would face Duke in the Midwest Region final, so it isn't as simple as taking the four teams with the best RPI and putting them in Atlanta.

If you're looking for sleepers, the RPI loves a few teams with lower seedings like No. Hell, Belmont is a No. Sadly for the Bruins, Arizona is their first game. It's an inexact science, but it would be fun to see if the RPI bracket could take home your pool. It's probably better than picking with your gut. We could also call this bracket the "teams the average Joe has actually heard of bracket," which, to be fair, isn't a terrible way to fill out your bracket if you don't know much about this year's field.

In truth, the Mountain West and the Atlantic 10 deserve to be in consideration with the big guys this year as much as, say, the Big 12 and ACC do. It's a strange time in college basketball, and it's only going to get stranger next year when the Big East reboots. For now, though, a "Power Conference Bracket" will help you pick some early-round games poorly, perhaps , but at some point you would have to decide between the Big East or Big Ten team to advance in each region.

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Heck, some people may pick No. Still, the East has No. Historically speaking, picking one conference to get two teams to the Final Four is a pretty good bet. While the last three tournaments have featured Final Four participants from four different conferences—funny, VCU and Butler were both at the Final Four from different conferences; they are in the same conference now but won't be next year—18 of the last 28 NCAA tournaments have seen two teams from the same conference make the Final Four, including a span of eight straight years from to When all else fails, do something totally random.

I have had my five-year-old daughter pick a bracket every year since she was two. She had Butler in the Final Four both years they made it. Turns out she just liked saying the word "butt" without getting yelled at. People put the teams on a dartboard, which would be fine, but I am terrible at darts, so I'd constantly aim for one team and end up with the other. However, my favorite random bracket is…wait for it…the "Ultimate Mascot Fight Bracket.

What if every mascot in the NCAA tournament fought to the death? Who would win it all? Let's find out! In the West, we run into that old Simpsons line, "Who are we? The Wildcats! Who are we going to beat?