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Books made easy. Easily drag and drop illustrations onto blank pages and use any of your fonts with our free children's book layout software. Print 1 or 1, Sell Your Book.

Publishing Children’s and Young Adult Books - Writing NSW

Sell your self-published children's book or ebook on your own website and on social media through Blurb, or sell through Amazon. Get Inspired. Bookstore Quality Children's Books We offer a range of children's book formats to bring your tall tales to life. Choose from a range of square and landscape formats on beautiful photo paper or portrait formats on regular uncoated paper Make a gorgeous ebook for the iPad.

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Explore books by other children's book makers. Find Me Peter Pan!

Photo Books start at. Make a Photo Book. Chuzzlewit wanted his design elements and large-scale illustrations to jump off the page in custom layouts, which is why he used our quality Mohawk paper to create his children's book.

Watts wanted to create an economical Susie children's book series, so she chose our economy color trade book format, ensuring she could reach a wide audience. Trade Books start at.

Make a Trade Book. Easy book creation. Illustrations—good illustrations—take time.

10 Tips for Writing Your First Children's Book

That means if you want your book out by Christmas, you have to start the Christmas before. Your purpose for self-publishing should influence your choice of printing and distribution. Do you want to see your book in bookstores, or do you want to create something to give your family? Do you have a readership established that you can direct to your website, or do you need the distribution options of larger retailers? For instance, you might make a couple dollars from a sale through a bookstore if you print in large quantities or more.

How to Write a Children’s Book in 12 Steps (From an Editor)

But at the same time, you might make a similar amount through a direct-to-reader sales page, without having to print so many books upfront. If you only want a few copies to give to your family, is it worth the extra books and costs?

Children’s Books Are on the Rise

But if you want to see your book in bookstores, having a high per-book cost the result of printing fewer than copies will bump the retail price so high that people might be unwilling to buy it. With the increase of tablet use by kids and adults alike, you can also consider going the ebook only route.