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Over two weeks, in short ten minute sessions we teach your dog to associate crossing the boundary with the unpleasant sensation of the correction. In the first week we introduce the dog to the system, showing them how we want them to respond to the warning tone by turning and retreating away from the boundary line. In the second week we introduce the correction to teach the dog there is a consequence for ignoring the warning tone. Finally, we introduce the dog to off-leash time in the boundary.

Can I Install My Own Electric Dog Fence?

Your dog is now safely contained! In later weeks you will remove the training flags, and teach your dog how to safely cross the boundary when you give them permission. We were very pleased with the Dog Fence system that we purchased from your company.

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I am very happy with the Innotek Ultrasmart Contain n Train system. Containment Made Easy Learn How.

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Electronic Dog Fence System Need an electric dog fence to keep your dog contained? Then power up your system and check that everything is working.

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Kevin A. Jennifer Manderscheid. Diane Snoke. Kent King. Installation Enquiries. The programmable features available for the customer allows them the ability to tailor the system to any breed and escaping habit.

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The invisible fence system programmable electrical stimulation levels that range from low to strong! That means the tiniest breed like a pug or chihuahua, to the largest and strongest breeds like the Mastiff or the German Shepherd, will all stay at home using the Dogwatch electric dog Fence system. No other DIY dog fence system on the market can cater to each dog or escaping situation like our product, and no other electric dog fence product has the reputation or history of its exceptional engineering and quality control.

This covers dog chewing of the receiver, as well as damage caused by lightning or surges to the transmitter controller. Our brand dog fence is recommended when any of these environmental conditions are a factor when considering a pet containment system to eliminate escaping behaviour in your pet.

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Not all dog fence containment systems are created equal!!

Speed of the pet, behaviour and highly instinctual breeds can be controlled through the programming, which maintains training integrity. You can have an unlimited number of dog fence collars on a hidden fence system…all programmed individually!!

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Audio and Visual Security Alerts Immediately alerts if a break in the boundary wire occurs.