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Red Pepper Rag The Old Piano Roll Blues Roberta Discography The Tablature System What the Bass Guitar Does 2. Get Started 3. Parts of the Bass Guitar 2. The Head 3. The Body 4. The Neck 5. Fretted and Fretless Basses 6. The Bridge 7. Bass Guitar Strings? Four Strings or More? Right-handed versus left-handed basses Passive and Active Pickups The Guitar Strap 2. Sitting or Standing 3. Your Fretting Hand 4.

Fingerstyle 5. Playing with a Pick 6. Open String Notes 2. Relative Tuning 3. Proper Finger Placement 2. Shift Up 3. Shift Down 4. Shift Across String 5. Alternate Fingering 2. Downpicking 3. Alternate Picking 4. Pluck with Your Thumb 5. Basic Music Notation 2. Notes on the Fretboard 3. Basic Tablature 4. The C Major Scale 5.

The G Major Scale 6. The F Major Scale Chapter 8 1. What Makes a Chord? Major Chords and Scales 3. Minor Scales and Chords 4. Seventh Chords 5. Arpeggios Chapter 9 Common Chord Progressions 1. Chord Symbols 2. Charts 3. I,IV, V Progressions 4. The Metronome 2. Quarter Notes 3. Eight Notes 4.

Sixteenth Notes 5. Apply Rhythms to Songs 6. Walking Bass 7. Blues Shuffle 8. Rock 9. Reggae B4 W ] 1 ,. Starting Off Right 2. Basic Open Chords 6.

Barre Chords on the 6th String 8. Barre Chords on the 5th String 9. The Secret to Great Strumming Fingerstyle Guitar Pentatonic Scales Advanced Chords Playing the Blues Giving Your Playing Some Style Advanced Strumming Going Beyond the First Position Jazz Soloing G8 K ] 1 ,. Chords in C Major 2.

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Chords in A Major 3. Chord Exercise 1 4. Chords in G Major 5. Chords in B Minor 6. Chord Exercise 4 7. Chords in C Minor 8. Chord Exercise 5 9. Chords in B Major Chords in G Minor Chord Exercise 6 Chords in F Major Chords in D Minor Chord Exercise 7 Chords in Bb Major Chord Exercise 8 Chords in Eb Major Chords in C Minor Chord Exercise 9 Chords in Ab Major Chords in F Minor Chord Exercise 10 Chords in Dd Major Chords in Bb Minor Chord Exercise 11 Chords in Gb Major Chords in Eb Minor Major Chord Forms Minor Chord Forms Dominant Seventh Forms Diminished Seventh Forms Augmented Fifth Forms Ninth Chord Forms Minor 6th Chord Forms Major 6th Chord Forms Dominant 7th with Flat 5 Dominant 7th with Aug.

Major Forms with Major 7th Minor Forms with Major 7th Minor Forms with Minor 7th Chords Of the 11th and 13th Six String Chord Forms Major Forms Minor, Ninth Dominant Seventh, Major 6th Major with Major 7th Minor forms with major 7th Movable Chord Study Modern Power Chords Transposition Chart How to Transpose Melodies How to Transpose Chords G8 F ] 1 ,.

Rudiments of Music 2. Diagram of the Fingerboard of the Guitar 3. Instructions for the Guitar 4. Scale Showing the Notes, and the extent of the first position 5. The Chords 6. The Barrer 7. Arpeggios with Three and Four Fingers 8. Scale of C Major 9.

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Scale of G Major Scale of D Major Scale of A Major Scale of E Major Scale of F Major Scale of A Minor Scale of E Minor Scale of D Minor The Slur The Slide The Appoggiatura The Gruppeto The Trill The Mordente Muffled Notes Scale in the 4th Position Scale in the 5th Position Scale in the 7th Position Scale in the 9th Position Double Notes Scale in Thirds Scale in Sixths Scale in Octaves Scale in Tenths Scale of B Minor Scale of F Sharp Minor Scale of C Sharp Minor Scale of B Major Scale of G Sharp Minor Scale of F Sharp Major Scale of D Sharp Minor Scale of B Flat Major Scale of G Minor Scale of E Flat Major Scale of C Minor Scale of A Flat Major Scale of F Minor Scale of D Flat Major Scale of B Flat Minor Harmonics Fifty Exercises Progressing in Difficulty Agatha Polka - M.

Carcassi Hermose Polka - M. Azelia Polka - M. Hermina Polka - M. Melody - Rubinstein Consolation - Mendelssohn Duets Chord Diagrams 2. Chord Exercises 3. New Chord Exercises 4. New Chords with Standard Chord Exercises 5. Review and Practice 6. Melody and Chord Progressions 7. Review and Practice 8. Arpeggio and String Bass Styles 9. Harmonic Structure of Chords Chord Progressing Harmonic Devices Vamps Vamps and Fill-ins Working with Bridges Last Lesson in Chord Progressions Review and Practice Introductions Chords with Two Names Intro's in G Major Bop Blues Progressions in G Major Endings in G Major Time Values and Exercises Wrist Development Scales and Exercises Scale Runs in F and Dd Position Minor 7th Runs Dominant 7th and 9th Runs Diminished Runs Blues Patterns Major, Minor and Dominant Runs Run Connections in G Major Blues Solos Bounce Blues in G Major Riffs in G Major Back to Vamps Bridge Solos Rhythm Changes Solo Sketches More Solo Sketches Riffs in Bb Major Groove Riffs Building around the melody "Dark Eyes" Building around the melody, continued G8 M ] 1 ,.

Chord Forms 2. Chord Forms cont. Chord Exercises 4. Simple Chord Analysis 5. Chords and Passing Tones 6. Dominant to Tonic 7. Chords and Song Forms 8. Resolutions of Chord Cycles 9. Related Chords Altered Chords Chords and Melody Playing The Cadence Symetric Harmony Symetric Cycles Symetric Introductions and Endings - Part 1 Symetric Introductions and Endings - Part 2 Augmented Cycles Augmented 7ths Application of Symetric Cycles Chord Analysis Diminished and Augmented Resolutions The Cadence Break Pedal Point Practical Use of Pedal Point Counterpoint Simple Tuning Instructions 2.

Shortnin' Bread 3. Hokey Pokey 4. Row, Row, Row Your Boat 5. My Bonnie 6. My Wild Irish Rose 7. Maria Marie 8. In The Good Old Summertime 9. Heav'n Heav'n Daisy Bell Ciribiribin America, The Beautiful Tom Dooley Juanita You're In The Army Now Sweet As Apple Cider Beautiful Brown Eyes Sweet Genevieve Aloha Oe You Tell Me Your Dream The Yellow Rose of Texas Red River Valley On Top of Old Smoky Down In The Valley Jingle Bells Chiapanecas The Foggy, Foggy Dew Glow Worm Toyland Deep River Good Night Ladies Shenandoah Auld Lang Syne Cielito Lindo Hello Ma Baby Yale Boola Far Above Cayuga's Waters Jacob's Ladder Susanna In The Gloaming When You Were Sweet Sixteen Whispering Hope I Love You Truly Caisson Song The Riddle Song Aura Lee Tell Me Why Barb'ara Allen La Cucaracha Dixieland The Blue Tail Fly The Old Chisholm Trail The Twelve Days of Christmas In The Sweet By and By Skip To My Lou Silent Night There's Music In The Air The Cowboy's Lament Careless Love Little Yellow Bird Green Sleeves Santa Lucia The Bowery Old Folks At Home Kentucky Babe The Gang's All Here I Know Where I'm Goin' I Am The Very Model Wanderin' The Erie Canal Look Down That Lonesome Road Wait For The Wagon Clementine On A Sunday Afternoon Little Brown Jug Mighty Lak' A Rose Loch Lomond The Year's At The Spring Sur Le Pont D'Avignon The Herald Angels Sing Good King Wenceslas The First Noel Onward Christian Soldiers Dear Old Girl Prayer of Thanksgiving Bedelia Sidewalks Of New York Dawn Mattinata Gypsy Love Song Good News, The Chariot's Comin' Let Us Break Bread Together Blow The Man Down Now The Day Is Over Gaudeamus Igitur "Student Drinking Song" The Stars And Stripes Forever America The Battle Hymn Of the Republic G8 Ea ] 1 ,.

Holy, Holy, Holy 2. Just a Closer Walk With Thee 3. Onward Christian Soldiers 4. Whispering Hope 5. I Have Decided to Follow Jesus 6. Lonely Voices 7.

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My Faith Looks Up to Thee 8. The Church Within Us 9. Yes, God Is Real Go, Tell It on the Mountain O Little Town of Bethlehem Little Baby Jesus Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful Joy to the World Faith of our Fathers Who Is This Boy? Thanks much. There is a way, but it takes some stretching.

Learning Major Scale Patterns and Sus4 Chords on Guitar

Fminor is made up of F, A flat and C. This can be played in the first position if you fret the top low G string at the 5th fret, the middle D string at the third fret and the bottom high G string at the first fret. On a inch scale this requires a pretty good stretch, but it is doable with some practice. An easier slightly cheating way to get an Fminor sound would be to barre the top and bottom strings at the first fret and then fret the middle string at the 3rd fret.

Great site, so much info, Thank you! I have a question: is there a way of getting to the F minor chord without going to the 10th fret? Thanks again. Hi thanks for your generous offer for the chord forms for the 3 string guitar. Can I print them out in a larger format?

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