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Created by:. Home Universe:. Place of Birth:. Temporal Oversight Tea, Eliminating Mistakes. These observations were also reported by the studies by Sales et al. Albuquerque et al. This is due to the fact that women do housework involving cleaning activities in locals frequently housed by scorpions.

On the other hand, these results differ from data registered for other municipalities in the north and northeast regions of Brazil, where there is predominance of attacks in male individuals 5 , Such difference in results may be due to a higher exposure of the female gender to situations favorable to stings; this is probably related to occupational and behavioral differences in home environment This is in accordance with the studies carried out by Albuquerque et al.

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However, no significant difference between the cases of scorpion sting when compared to age. This result suggests that individuals of all ages are vulnerable to scorpion stings. This reinforces the need for the development of preventative education campaigns for this type of accident. On the other hand, most of the epidemiological studies show that the upper limbs, especially the hands, are the part of the body frequently attacked by the stings 5 , 7 , However, it is important to highlight that out of the 2, victims who sought medical care, The case classification was similar to data reported for Campina Grande 14 , as well as for other regions of the country 7 , The cause of the deaths was not registered.

The cases that resulted in death were classified as mild and antivenom was not administered.

It is possible that deaths may have occurred due to failure in classifying the severity of the cases. Serotherapy was accomplished in 19 cases 0.

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The low number of severe cases may be the most probable cause of the reduced number of deaths observed in this study. Various deficiencies were identified on the notification files, such as the lack of accounts of the time of day when the sting occurred and the genus of the offending scorpion, and the high proportions when the clinical evolution of the patient and the time elapsed between sting and medical care was not reported.

These deficiencies on the clinic charts may be related to the unusual high demands at the health centers, the lack of available time of members of the health team, or little number of workers at the health center These situations should be emphasized once they are all common in health care centers in the northeastern Brazil, and will all contribute to the incomplete patient records.

The improvement of data collection, fulfilled by local health agencies, is of remarkable importance in order to make up reliable information sources. Register files evaluated in this study were not suitably filled up, thus indicating deprivation of health services. Flaw in register services makes the scorpion envenomation difficult to be fully understood in certain regions of the country. To aggravate this situation, the curricula of university courses in medicine, pharmacy and nursing are almost always deficient in terms of instruction about attacks by poisonous animals Such knowledge may in turn provide relevant information for enhancing policies of antivenom production and distribution in the northeast region, as well as boost care given to scorpion envenomation victims.

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Furthermore, this research may supply important data for the development of educational campaigns aiming at preventive control of scorpion stings. JA Sousa worked on statistical analysis of data and RS Leite worked on the conception and design the study, analysis and interpretation data, wrote the first version of the article.

Methodology of clinical studies dealing with the treatment of envenomation.

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Toxicon ; 55 7 Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical ; 42 2 Rev Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical ; 33 3 Escorpionismo em Belo Horizonte, MG: um estudo retrospectivo. Rev Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical ; 35 4 Escorpionismo em Campina Grande PB. Brasileira de Toxicologia ; 12 2 Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical ; 36 3 Patologia Tropical ; 30 1 Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical ; 32 Supl. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Services on Demand Journal. Free Themes Clinical and epidemiological aspects of scorpion stings in the northeast region of Brazil. Introduction Scorpion envenomations have been considered a public health problem in tropical and subtropical countries due to their high incidence and potentiality of venom of some species to induce severe clinical registers, sometimes fatal ones 1.

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Materials and Methods Study area The study was accomplished in the city of Campina Grande, located in the countryside of Paraiba state, in the northeast of Brazil. Data Acquisition A descriptive and retrospective study of the clinical-epidemiological characteristics of scorpion sting cases was performed. Year Variables Total January 41 41 58 48 17 34 February 52 35 62 14 48 38 March 44 46 39 23 9 43 April 25 26 0 5 0 35 91 May 50 49 51 13 1 41 June 34 26 37 0 0 0 97 July 62 60 25 11 46 61 August 56 60 30 3 39 71 September 44 57 31 12 46 49 October 38 37 18 0 27 0 November 25 31 32 4 29 0 December 39 21 40 49 0 45 Total 2.