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A man in Big Sky, Montana realizes a giant black bear has climbed onto his car while he's waiting for friends. There's been an explosion of UFO lobbyists in DC — from Tom DeLonge to lawyers who demand that the president does a "Disclosure," in which he admits aliens live among us. Releasing at the end of the month, these Alexa-enabled earbuds provide the wireless listening experience for less than Apple's AirPods.

A dog makes its way over a monkey bridge in Vietnam.

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Chicago Public Library became the largest system to eliminate late fees, a move that will increase access for low-income families. Will more libraries follow?

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A fox hilariously ran around the Moscow airport. When big retail chains want to get rid of their mannequins, they call Judi Townsend, America's premier "mannequin broker.

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Got a presentation coming up? Heading to a conference? For nearly four decades now, Michael Kors has been one of the most persistent and winning personalities in fashion—a designer with rare talent who has blended luxury and popularity to create a global empire. But the question is, with the internet upending the industry, how will he push forward? Kors answers as only he can: By going big and doing it all.

The reason why pilots go around the Pacific Ocean might surprise you. The horror movie remains as timely as ever.

Like many other queer writers and activists of his generation, Lou Sullivan lived a painfully short life: he died in , at the age of thirty-nine, from complications related to AIDS. But he left behind a wealth of material, thirty years of diaries chronicling, in joyous detail, his emerging sense of self, his relationships, and his daily triumphs. The first human Lyme vaccine was pulled off the market nearly twenty years ago. Decorated trees had been seen in Pennsylvania in the s, and there are reports that Hessian soldiers fighting for the British during the Revolution set up Christmas trees in their encampments.

But there is good evidence that Follen was the first person to bring the decorated tree to New England and, after he set the example, the custom spread.

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The year the National Christmas Tree Association projects sales of 37 million trees. To this day, the Follen Community Church commemorates his introduction of the Christmas tree by lighting a tree on its front lawn as well as selling Christmas trees in the lot across the street to raise funds for church programs.

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As an American, Follen took up the fight against slavery as ardently as he had once fought against the injustices of European despots. His uncompromising abolitionist principles once lost him a job as pastor of All Souls Church in New York City, and his outspoken stand against slavery at a time when abolition was still highly controversial, even in Massachusetts, may have ended his teaching career.

Harvard did not renew his professorship in , but did offer to employ him as a German instructor, at a reduced salary. Supporters, including his wife and the abolitionist poet John Greenleaf Whittier, later said that it was his outspoken views that cost him his Harvard position.

Halifax professor strives to genetically create the perfect, fullest Christmas tree

Relieved of his teaching duties, Follen became a free agent. He wrote, preached, and lectured widely, traveling as far afield as Chicago. In , he received an invitation to preach to a small congregation in East Lexington. Follen accepted, but left after a short while to take a more lucrative position as tutor to a family in Watertown. To fill his position, he recommended a young renegade Unitarian minister named Ralph Waldo Emerson. Follen returned when the congregation came up with the money to hire him full time and to build its own church.

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He designed the octagonal church which still stands, laid out so that the minister would not be elevated above his parishioners. Tragically, Follen did not live to preach in the church which bears his name. He was killed in at the age of 44 in a fire on board the steamship Lexington while crossing Long Island Sound.

It was an idea that was way ahead of its time. She believes that science is very much part of our culture — providing us with knowledge about the world around us — as well as being a source of wonderful stories, and helping us to make sense of who we are.

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