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Are you always late?

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How I finish things when I don’t feel like it

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I take a breath, swivel my eyes in their sockets, and consider all the other things that will help me finish this:. Firstly, I must remember to respect the finish.

Barriers to Overcome

Finishing is the slightly less attractive sister of Consistency. I glance up at the new poster I have on the wall. Next to it hangs a large wall calendar where I mark a big red X on each day that I complete the thing thanks Seinfeld. The day is empty now, but I will make sure it gets marked. I remind myself what the greatest reason is for getting this done. Why must this absolutely get done, no matter what? How will it make them feel? How will it make me feel?

What will be the look on their faces when they see it?

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Got it. A little more ready now…. What if people say bad things about it? What if I offend someone? Ah yes. I forgot. Work that polarises means that there will be people who love it. So I am active in my search for both haters and lovers. One of the things that worries me, though, is making this just right. This holds me back, because I know how important this is for me. I remind myself that there is no such thing as finishing one-hundred percent. Nobody who finished great things ever felt they had it figured out, either.

Those who appear genius-like, are as clueless as I am about most things.

Why You Shouldn't Finish What You Start | Puttylike

Even if it is a tide of information and noise. No one else has experienced the world like I have. The only right move was in deciding and acting, despite the resistance. That perfect thing.

I want to make that dent, and that dent requires weight. When my approach is to produce a lot, no longer does any one thing delivered worry me so much. If I create crap, so what? That thing will be lost in sea of inspired output, created with urgency. None of the pieces seem to fit together. I commit to a basic, minimal version of what is in my head. The alpha version. I do the first tiny piece of alpha, and then cling on to the next piece to bob to the surface.

I still feel uncomfortable though. I have an email that just popped up that I need to respond to.