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Psychological epic on the psychology of racism, fascinating in dialectic with Griffith's Birth Of A Nation: racism as the product of fear of losing sexual superiority and the fear of miscegenation. Key that Ethan is pro-Confederacy: Martin fears Ethan wishes to kill Debbie but doesn't know why, Ethan fears Debbie has been 'contaminated,' resolves to kill her after learning she has become Scar's wife.

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Logically this should have no bearing, but for Ethan it's all about preserving the bloodline. One of the most damning indictments of American culture: the question is posited: is racism the true American psyche? It's key that Martin is what Ethan determines as a 'half-breed,' the moral center of this film is a child of mixed-race. The movie is the essence of the American west, it's final scene the essence of moviemaking. Review by Chris E. However, the performances, story, and cinematography were all outstanding! The best western of all time is also the greatest examination of racism.

The Duke and John Ford are legends for a reason.

The Searchers

Klassische Cowboy vs. I just rewatched this in my film class and I've got to say, I like it a hell of a lot more on this second watch. I mean it isn't up there with my favorite westerns, but as a classic John Ford and John Wayne flick, it's super great. This movie is so boring and pretty racist.

I really just don't get why so many people have given this film it's "classic" status. All the films from all the editions, including those subsequently removed, presently totalling An easy way of seeing how….

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    The Searchers Review

    Studios C. Genre western. I liked the opening and ending shots, it gave what John Wayne's character deserved. Ford knew that, and by breathing realism into the story, he made a thoroughly moving picture of instrumental value for the American cinema. Psychologically deep and self-reflexive, intriguing and abounding in some of the most visually captivating shots ever seen, The Searchers is, without a doubt, the essential film of American culture. NOTE: For educational and research purposes only. Absolutely our highest recommendation. As part of its promotion of Searchers in , Warner Bros.

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    Presents TV series. But I have to admit that I never really know what that kind of recognition amounts to. The film turns up on many greatest-films-of-all-time lists, including my own. At least two moments from the picture—John Wayne lifting up Natalie Wood and then cradling her in his arms and the final shot—are commonly included in clip reels. Film lovers know it by heart. But what about average movie watchers?

    The Searchers: my most overrated film

    Open YouTube video. Hoch never shot a film in black-and-white. His years of experience as a technician in the Technicolor laboratories gave him a unique perspective in the uses and possibilities of color cinematography. Throughout his thirty-year career, he supplied sumptuous color images to many films, but his five pictures for John Ford remain the backbone of his work.

    Winton Hoch was responsible for capturing its unworldly beauty in Technicolor that was by turns stark, luscious, symbolic, and rousing.

    The pose—with the one arm holding the other—was quite distinctive, and so un-John-Wayne-like that Bogdonavich once asked him about it. And how you have your arms? Was that on purpose? And the pose always seemed so lonely to me. I thought it would work well in that last shot. Peter Bogdanovich first met John Ford in , when he conducted the first out of a series of interviews with the legendary filmmaker. Directed by John Ford was introduced to the world in with high praise from critics.