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Mahant, F. Kureshy, G. Hardiman, and J. Kemme, M. Ouwens, E. Liu, Q.

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Building on the success of its previous edition, the book discusses current theories, principles, and methods in the field The pharmaceutical industry is almost boundless in its ability to supply new drug therapies, but how does one decide which are the best medicines to use within restricted budgets? With particular emphasis on modeling, methodologies, data sources, and application to real-world dilemmas, Scientists can use molecular profiling microarrays to compare healthy cells with their diseased counterparts and develop gene-specific treatments.

Finding the best way to interpret original profiling data into accurate trends, however, continues to drive the development of normalization algorithms Integrating various technologies with informational systems provides vast improvements to the overall research and development that occur in the biopharmaceutical industry. One of the first books to explore this area, Functional Informatics in Drug Discovery examines all aspects of technology As central actors in most biological functions, proteins are the subject of intense study. This has driven the development of increasingly sophisticated approaches for the study of proteins, which has extended to proteomic level methodologies.

Yet currently no book has addressed all aspects of In the fiercely competitive pharmaceutical marketplace, your organization cannot afford to spend excess dollars developing drugs that will fail to get FDA approval or have profoundly poor characteristics.

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Biochips as Pathways to Drug Discovery takes a comprehensive look at how the industry faces The pharmaceutical industry relies on numerous well-designed experiments involving high-throughput techniques and in silico approaches to analyze potential drug targets. These in silico methods are often predictive, yielding faster and less expensive analyses than traditional in vivo or in vitro The need to screen targets faster and more efficiently, coupled with advances in parallel and multiplex chemical synthesis, has contributed to the increasing use of multiwell assays for drug discovery.

The drug discovery and development process is getting longer, more expensive, and no better. The industry suffers from the same clinical attrition and safety-related market withdrawal rates today as it did 20 years ago. Stay on CRCPress. Per Page. Include Forthcoming Titles. Pharmacoeconomics: From Theory to Practice 1st Edition.

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