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Very good.. Keywords: x Kirk, James T. Few minor creases. Slightly bumped at top and base of spine and binding slightly strained else Fine book in like Dust Jacket. Both believe he will betray the other side Keywords: Kirk, James T. New York, New York, U.

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First Edition. Bruised at top and base of spine else Fine book in Dust Jacket, with the corners a little rubbed. Hands pound against his carriage The streets teem with merchants But it is the last journey of his life as a prince. First Thus. First Paperback Edition; First Printing. Book is Very Good. Complete number line.

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Clean and unmarked text. Tight and sturdy binding. Very slight front spine edge surface crease. Very slight surface shelf wear to cover.

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Never Enough Stuff - Books Professional seller. Mass Market in Very Good condition. Pages are unmarked with age tanning to the edges, a solid binding, light spine creasing. Starfleet thought the foe had been repelled forever -- until now. The Furies have returned in might warships even more powerful than before. But their weapons are more than merely physical, for these aliens are the origins of all the demons and monsters of ancient myth, and they have found a way to project fear directly into the minds of their enemies.

To defeat the Furies, and save the Federation, Picard and the crew of the U. EnterpriseTM must first conquer the darkest terrors of their unconscious minds. Bytown Bookery Professional seller. Catalogue: Science Fiction, Star Trek.

Simon Pulse, -1st. Near Fine. Based on the show created by Jason Katims. Cast members on front cover. Roswell Series 3. Original Title. Other Editions 8. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Rings of Tautee , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details.

More filters. Sort order. Jul 16, Wendy rated it liked it Shelves: star-trek-wars , fiction , paperback.

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This book had a few problems and annoyances, but those were almost all minor. It wasn't the greatest writing ever, but for an ST novel it was actually pretty good. That Bogle character was useless and annoying.

The only other major annoyance besides him that I can think of was the philosophical debate over whether or not to violate the Prime Directive or not and whether their actions would actually be violating it or not that happened in one chapter They seemed to come to a decision and then they needed to talk it out all over again? I thought time was of the essence? Why couldn't they have just said, 'Okay, we're doing this' and dealt with the consequences and explanations later? That doesn't seem very civilized to me. Anyway, those things aside and they're pretty easy annoyances to toss aside , this is forgettable fun.

There are a few moments that'll have you rolling your eyes, going 'Seriously? What else can possibly go wrong?!

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There are also a few moments that'll make you a little sad, but not for long. Worth the read for an ST fan looking for a good, easy read. View all 3 comments. Jan 28, Jerry rated it it was ok. No favorite of mine. Sep 16, Andrew Beet rated it it was amazing. View 1 comment. The story follows the crew of the USS Enterprise as it investigates a Solar System which appears to be disintegrating. Whilst the crew suspect this may be a new Klingon super weapon they are also focused on a pre-warp civilization which will soon be wiped out.

This is a reasonably interesting novel which does a good job in its characterisations of the various original series characters. Considering the authors involved, I am not surprised by this as they are experienced Trek writers so know the characters well. The plot itself is entertaining enough and there are a few engaging emotional moments included, mainly related to the Tauteeans themselves.. However, I have to admit there were a few times that I rolled my eyes in disbelief at the number of issues which kept coming along.

My biggest issue though, was in regards to the way in which the novel interprets the Prime Directive. I have always hated the way in which Star Trek sometimes uses the Prime Directive as an excuse for not helping a doomed civilization which is how it has been depicted here. In my mind, the Prime Directive should be used to ensure the Federation does not influence the growth or development of a civilization.

Overall, this was an interesting enough story although nothing out right special. The application of the Prime Directive irritated me a bit but I could probably say the same about many other novels and episodes. It stands quite firmly in that middle of the road area of Star Trek novels so most readers should find it reasonably enjoyable. Nov 27, Charles rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction. I enjoyed it. Quite a lot of tension. I was surprised they could milk so much suspense out of a fairly simple story but it worked nicely.

The relationship between Spock and Kirk suggested that this was a fairly early story in the timeline. It wasn't as warm as it became later. View 2 comments. At best, this book pays tribute to the glory days of TOS.

Windows on a Lost World

At its worst, thats all it is. Slow, episodic, with little to no technology, no sense of wonder, and the classic interaction between the Holy Trinity of science fiction Kirk, Spock and Bones barely gets a mention. And the book is way too short, the plot is too simple, the solution too obvious. The racist undertones that Kirk holds against the Klingons are ugly mind you, they have them against Kirk too but they are put aside too quickl At best, this book pays tribute to the glory days of TOS.

The racist undertones that Kirk holds against the Klingons are ugly mind you, they have them against Kirk too but they are put aside too quickly and easily and even at book's end one senses no real animosity between the two cultures which is odd to say the least.

So overall this book must rate as a fail. Its still worth buying, worth collecting and of course worth reading but mainly for completionists and die hard trekkies. And for everyone else, don't put it at the top of your TBR pile. Jun 07, Daniel Kukwa rated it liked it Shelves: star-trek.

Calaméo - The Star Trek Annotated Timeline

It's far from being the most classic Trek story, but it's almost textbook in its construction of what makes "Star Trek" tick. May 19, Kreg rated it liked it Shelves: star-trek-tos. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Not bad overall. A pre-warp culture causes an accident that not only destroys their entire solar system, but threatens to expand through the galaxy.

The Enterprise manages to get the Klingons into a temporary alliance to seal the damage and rescue the survivors. Weak point 1 - just how many people can a Constitution class ship hold?!!?!!? Weak point 2 - two critical 'breakdowns' within a few hours of each other is overkill. Good point 1 - very good characterizations Good point 2 - excellent reaction Not bad overall. Good point 1 - very good characterizations Good point 2 - excellent reactions from the pre-warp people at being rescued!

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Jul 25, Nicolas rated it really liked it Shelves: star-trek. This was an above average Star Trek novel. It was the fast-paced and the characterizations were right on. A nice, quick read. Very enjoyable. Not the best Star Trek book I've read, but still very enjoyable! Decent plot, good characterization. Pretty much the best you can hope for.