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In Unashamed, you'll meet Rahab. Exploited by men who saw only her beauty, Rahab held fast to her faith in an all-powerful God. Learn along with her the overwhelming truth that God seeks and finds those whose hearts are tender toward him, no matter how far away they are.

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Children's Books. Save to List. Book 2 in the Lineage of Grace series by best-selling author Francine Rivers.

Prior to her conversation in , Francine showed a preference for historical romance. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Journalism University of Nevada , Francine spent some time pursuing a career as a journalist, specializing in human stories. Every book Francine has written since has continued to manifest her Christian faith, Francine working to create stories in realistic settings that display the difficulties involved with trying to walk a path of faith.

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At some point in time, Francine took the effort to purchase the publication rights to the novels she wrote before her conversion with the aim of preventing them from ever being re-released, a goal she could only achieve partway. She has also won Accolades for her work in the romance genre. She is married to Rick Rivers. The couple lives in North California, which is where so many of her novels are set. Tamar is the first novel in the Lineage of Grace series; it is also the first novel many people that have never read novelizations about the Bible tend to encounter.

The story is beautiful. Readers have commended the novella for its humanizing aspects, providing a glimpse into the mind of a woman whose perspective readers never had the chance to visit in the bible and whose feelings on the situations that befell her where never truly explored.

Rahab is a woman introduced in the book of Joshua. Following Rahab, a prostitute that must make a difficult decision, risking all to aid the plans of foreign spies within her city, the novella continues a trend Francine Rivers began in her first book. It outlines the mysteries ways in which God can operate through his Holy Spirit, creating faith in places one would never expect.

Rahab is a very compelling character.

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She is more than just a prostitute. Learn More. Play Sample. Give as a Gift Send this book as a Gift!

Unashamed (Rahab) (#02 in Lineage Of Grace Series)

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Unveiled: Tamar

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