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Finding this mermaid painted rock made my daughter so happy. Thank you, Chico Rocks! Related: Nature Crafts and Art Projects. There are many people that collect and paint rocks and then leave them somewhere for others to find. Others frown on this practice, believing that nature should remain as undisturbed as possible. My daughter and I have come to enjoy putting out a few painted rocks every now and again. It all started the first day we actually found one. Finding a hidden painted rock is a delight not to be missed.

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It filled my heart and made me want to run home and paint rocks to hide for others to find. We have found several more since that first painted rock, and they have all been found in different locations sometimes hundreds of miles away! A few of our favorites are pictured below. We think moderation is key. Painted rocks that my daughter, dog, and I have found.

Related: 15 Ways to Raise a Helper. Get outside with the kids to collect and paint rocks. They are out there hiding waiting for you to find them!

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Nell has over 20 years of experience working with children and is the founder of Rhythms of Play. She believes in the power of the imagination, learning through play, making this world a greener place to live, and getting outside in all seasons! Learn more…. I had totally forgotten about rock painting. And yes, I do prefer them with the sealer! I forgot about it too until we collected a bunch on a walk by a river. They were so smooth and nice I suddenly remembered that I used to paint them as a kid. These are beautiful, I love painted rocks!

We have a whole bunch in our garden and paint them sometimes as little gifts for grandparents or friends:. What a lovely post! Aww, gee thanks Katie! Glad I could offer the inspiration. I hope you enjoy painting them as much as we do! What a lovely activity! My daughter is the same age as your and I know she would really enjoy doing this! You have inspired me to do this the next chance we have to get outside! She will love decorating them!

Great post and beautiful photos! Thanks Lee!

43 Awesome Rock Painting Ideas and Activities for Kids

What a fun craft, I like the idea of displaying the colourful. This is so funny — I actually have a post I am doing on painting rocks too — we have been having so much fun with it.

Rock Painting - Coloring Stones For Creative Kids (Steine bemalen)

I am just surprised at how few rocks there are in nature! Where did all the pretty rocks go?!?!? I know they can be hard to find if your not lucky enough to live near rocky shores. Amazing post and very interesting as well. This one of the best way to make the kids more creative in their summer vacation. I would like to share this with my niece too. Keep sharing such great ideas. Thank you, Yashraj! I agree it is a really fun way for kids to get creative over the summer break.

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  2. Finding and hiding brightly painted park rocks is proving to be the long-term trend of 2017!
  3. Whale and Friends.

I have read your article and found that it is very good with lots of helpful advice. Before I read your article I had no idea how to paint a rock, or what rock painting supplies to use, or even what to paint. Extension: Work with a small group to discuss how to get a rock painting treasure hunt community happening in your school. Create some guidelines, a poster and some clues for finding the first rocks. See if others are interested in joining you. With permission from your teacher, gather some rocks and art materials to paint your own rocks.

Create your own school treasure hunt for some younger class members with your rocks. Mark a school map with an X to indicate where they can find the rocks. You are going to participate in the rock painting movement by writing a short list of words using the five senses. For each sense find between five and 10 words. What can you see, hear, smell, taste and touch while participating in the rock painting movement? Tip: Think about what you might find using your senses while painting a rock, dropping it off somewhere for others to find or even looking for one outside at the park or at the beach.

Picture: Wendy Gallacher.

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