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This book includes various interviews with relevant experts in the fields of theology, psychology, Buddhism, science, etc. The purpose of Roots of Consciousness is slightly different in that the goal is not to try to pin down a scientific explanation for enlightenment, but rather present our current understanding of consciousness and the effects of psychoactive medicines on consciousness, for the modern skeptic to decide for themselves the best path forward to achieve optimal health and well-being.

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While this endeavor is a similar one in its attempt to address and unite the opposing paradigms of science and spirituality, it extends this explanation into paranormal phenomena and other related topics, without addressing the realm of psychedelics. Roots of Consciousness focuses on this idea as it relates to human consciousness, psychoactive substances, and as a means to optimize mental and physical health. It does not attempt to address paranormal phenomena, but rather stays grounded in evidence-based results and what they reveal about the mind-body connection.

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I sit on a mat in the maloka, a traditional ceremonial hut used for Ayahuasca ceremonies, wondering how I got here as I stare into my cup of the brew. Surrounded on all sides by the dense flora and fauna of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, I ask myself the same questions for the umpteenth time since I accepted the job offer: How was it that a purveyor of science, a modern skeptic and part-time atheist, a cancer researcher and devotee of scientific methodology, wound up journeying with the most powerful and sacred psychoactive tea known to mankind, 4 hours into the jungle from the nearest city?

Was I really about to commit the next year and a half of my life to working with shamans and the plant medicines they claim can heal your deepest wounds and bring you to enlightenment? When he rips off your clothes are they the designer clothes you borrow? I have a thing for lions, I have since i was a little girl. I study about them and their nature, and as vicious as a lion can be I would deem them less harmful than that lunatic Joe Gorga. Now that says something when a person would prefer being around a lion than a human. When I comment on the Bravo blogs, Christian is my avatar.

There is no comparison, the Lion wins everytime…lol,lol. My guess is that she is once again, trying to come up with more stupid reasons for why she wrote the book. The Miley Cyrus comparison she is trying to make is laughable. The fact she compared her to Miley Cyrus is a joke! Melissa genuinely thought her book was going to be a best seller but because people saw her true colors her book was a dud.

We saw the way she talks to Joe during their trip to Arizona. She was calling him stupid and an idiot. Her marriage does not look remotely close as an ideal marriage. Why would anyone want to watch a video of a dumb chick texting mindlessly while some lawn jockey in a cap spends 30 seconds to relieve himself. Its like some gruesome fairy tale — the evil princess and a dwarf….. And ITA that Miley actually is talented — which is logical when you consider that she comes from a family of successful singers and began singing herself as a child.

That is how people who really do have talent discover and subsequently develop their talents. Hows about this for breaking news? M GodDaughter was on the party bus with Eminems daughter! He paid for everything!! They had a blast, Haley won prom queen!! She looked so beautiful!! Wish I could show you the pics, really;!! He has always seemed to me to be a truly caring father. I did see a pic of Hailey on people.

There was an article somewhere about Haley winning homecoming queen…she has turned into such a beautiful young lady. The article said Em watched from inside the school on a TV so as to let her have HER moment and not have others be distracted by him. Anybody can write a book I guess. What she is describing is a way to keep your husband sexually satisfied, but…at what expense? You will end up resentful of everything he does, and think less of yourself in the process.

Cover Reveal: ADIOS (Stories about Melissa #6) by @BethanyLopez2

How about what happens if and when you are no longer physically able to perform…? The Gorgas marriage is a perfect example of what a union looks like with sex as the foundation. No thanks. I totally agree. Everything about their marriage has revolved around sex, and they have constantly shoved it down our throats since they came on in Season 3. What they have said and shown to their children, just on the show is revolting. Both Joe and Melissa are former strippers- Joe admits it while Melissa avoids it because our society judges women for being sexual much more than we do men.

I found keek. What should we search for? Thank you. Every scene in the show the kids are always playing on the floor by themselves. She never interacts with them. Teresa and juicy always interact with their kids. They used camera time to show themselves getting ready and going partying, Teresa on the other hand spent time with her kids and said Halloween is all about the kids.

See, Melissa was already a used up black hole just looking to settle with an abuser. Along came Joe and the rest is history! Her psyches been long gone for a long time. I agree with your comment. Teresa did well with her ventures, because she made her move at the right time, with the right products. If Caroline would have written her advice book at that time, the book would have sold. I even believed the things Caroline was spewing back then. Caroline and Jac could have done their family cookbook at the same time Teresa did.

They could have been at signings together and they ALL would have struck goal. Before I knew Jac was made of plastic, I may have purchased a beauty book. Truth be told, they were too lazy and too jealous to do it at that time and now it is too late. At one time I believe everyone loved all of the housewives of New Jersey. The audience may have liked one more than another. Between the bullying, backstabbing, fighting, rages, foul mouths and all of the lies, most people are done.

They will not be spending their hard earned dollars on the products any of the housewives promote. Her once fans just stopped watching the program because of the way she was treated. It appears Bravo has cut off their nose, to spite their face. I predict there will be no Real Housewives of any city within three years. All programs come to and end and these are sinking fast.

I also believe Andy will go down with the ship. I do not recall Bravo having any of their new programs flying up the ratings chart in the last few years. I would buy it, just to have a list of the places where I would never spend my money. Possibly the actual cast members will be under contract to shut up until they are dead BUT others know the truth. Teresa earned a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management.

Danielle Staub also obtained the same degree at the same Berkely college. Danielle is class of , I am not sure when Teresa graduated. It makes sense that Teresa and Danielle became friends with people connected to fashion. The Lauritas had a clothing company called Signature Apparel. Kim D. If you look at the Social Scene, Dina Manzo who is an interior designer, can be found in photos with people during New Jersey fashion Week, and she has hosted fashion fundraisers.

Best comment from all about trh about clip showing caroline vs teresa: This is the best blog ever says:. You are a joke caroline and a hypocrite. By the way, when caroline kept asking repeatedly if Teresa saw them fighting with her own two eyes.. And she said caroline WAS miserable the whole trip….. I do recall that the gang were all getting along, laughing and joking around, and who ruined that moment? She even rilied up her pet monkey to the point he threw his bananna away!

The bad news is that St. Melissa just tweeted this…what good hearted people her cousins are…. She should get kicked off the show overit. Here is the review……………….. Great job Melissa!! I think almost every 5 star review is from a family member. See how it feels. How embarrassing for TSIL to compare herself to Miley Cyrus…a something, mother of 3 young children comparing herself to a 20 year old…yeah, they have tons in common. Miley has been very successful as a young girl and is now working toward steering her already existing career in another direction.

Do you mean it is embarrassing for Miley? What a freaking joke she is. Carrie Keagan is the person that replaced Melissa, as spokesperson for M G champagne Melissa said she was coming out with her own line of champagne, when she first started the show. Of course agree with those posting about how ludicrous Melissa Gorga is to compare herself to a provocative 20 year old. I knew a couple who boasted about their torrid sex life to the point of nauseum for those of us in that circle. It later turned out that there HAD been mental and somewhat physical abuse on the part of the husband.

A few years after the inevitable divorce, it came out that the hub had been living a double life and had homosexual dalliances on the side. I felt great compassion for the wife of this guy and years later also for him. Kind of like Bethennnney and the arrangement she had with Jason Hoppy. I find him very unattractive.

He has aged badly and baldly. Caroline shares her thoughts on all the reunion conflict. Posted by Caroline Manzo on Oct 9. Caitlin has been doing my blowouts for years and she will be at Cafface soon too. She came to N. What better way than showing off her design to a few million people, right? I surprised her the night before and she literally stayed up the entire night tweaking a dress that needed no tweaking at all.

I thought the reunion was pretty tame all things considered. This makes me happy; I hope you all feel the same. Wishful thinking? One day the sun will shine down on them all and there will be peace in the neighborhood, you gotta believe folks, believe. Nicholas is gorgeous and the light of our lives. Chris and Jac are phenomenal parents and have devoted themselves to recovering Nick while sharing their journey to raise awareness to the mystery of Autism.

Bravo to Chris and Jac, and most importantly our little man, Nick. Love you all too, too, much. My point is simply this — in life you should never say never. That goes with many other things besides infidelity. For example, never say that your kid would never do drugs, or drink, or swear, or get with the wrong crowd. Never say that you are exempt from cancer or some other debilitating disease.

Never say that you will always have a roof over your head and food on your table. Never say that you will always have a perfect relationship with your siblings or children or spouse. My philosophy is very simple — what makes me so special? What makes you so special? Life is full of twists and turns and sometimes you get knocked on your ass, and when you do, you better be prepared.

So, I simply say, why not me? Then I give thanks to God every day for my blessings.

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We have our health, we are happy, and we are together. I have lived a wonderful life with a good man that loves me to death, and vice versa. End of story. When Teresa told me she lied in her blog that Al and I fought throughout our Arizona trip I was speechless. What she tried to do backfired. Who cares who got her ready for the reunion? We get it Nick has autism, and he is a lovely child. Backpedaling on the cheating comment you made, hmm. Caroline is pathetic, Teresa never said she lied. Caroline is a smart old hag and she knew it. He wants her to fight with Kim D so that she could spill what she knows on Teresa, thus Teresa having another enemy.

Maybe then I will start back watching the show…. M-Andy Cohen too. One is owned by Joseph Gorga Jr. He is only about 10 minutes away from where the house is being built…. He has always been a passionate, loyal guy. The timing of sharing this reeks of damage control. If he was that wonderful, passionate and loyal why is she not with him? So much werd.

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  • I automatically dislike them for being pretentious. What a disgrace Rosie hosting the American Music Awards,when there are so many music legends out there that should be hosting in stead of her. After watching RHONJ you will need more than a drink, I am sure that one of or more than one of the cast could give you something stronger I suggest you stay drankin. Meho, I am chugging! I even just made cheese dip with beer in it for my husband football food.

    I told him he owes you! Trip to a trunk? Or will I be on Display, Display?? I thank you in advance.. Love postin here but elemcee and hubby are gettin ready to take me out. Tomm we can kick his azz, and go on wwhl. Please act like you have a grudge when Chommpers interviews us. Oh, I definitely have a grudge with Chommpers. No need to act!

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    • So the spin-off is definitely a go. And, the hubby owes you something pretty. Like flowers. Or a seascape. Get rid of Big Ben ,replace him with Tim Tebow. Since you seem likely to be able to answer this, is Tim Tebow a good player? I know he was let go and was a free agent. He had to have talent to even get the notoriety so my question is does he live up to it? Announcing the nominees is Not hosting the show! Good grief, they probably only asked that nasty drunk back stabber because she is gay.

      Big deal. Seems the whole works is gay…boring. I think she is just reading the nominees for one of the categories. Still…in all sincerity, will someone please explain to me what her appeal is??? So, apparently when I demonstrate restraint when drinking or when I keep my anger in check I am being fake?? What do people see in her that I do not? You are right LIG — they are making a huge deal over Rosie and Lance reading the nominees this morning.

      I would also like to know why she has such free rein to interject and give advice unsolicited at the Reunion. She is crude, loud, brutish, tendency to violence, has no credentials just what does Rosie do for a living — any one know? HI Jeannie! I believe she designs office and retail store furniture — chairs and tables — it was on a WWHL episode…. That nasty, unfiltered pig has no draw with me! She should be in rehab. But I wonder if she is trying too hard to be accepted by Katfish.. I believe Tre when she said that Katfish never accepted Rosie always leaving Rosie out..

      Now Rosie has her sisters favor by siding with her.. And I do love seeing Juicy laughing and smiling ,, with all the weight on his shoulders.. Pat I believe that to, smile through it, I bet she could be a fun person. She is playing a role that will take away from who she was and wanted to be. I hope that makes sense. She revamped herself into something else…a new persona.

      Trying to look like a upscale citizen and mother. TSIL might be trying to change her appearance from her stripper days. She is unrecognizable from season 3. Just gorgeous!!! Screen Shot at In fact, she just got her braces off after having them on for years and looks unbelievable! Gia tweeted the following photo below excitedly tweeting about how her braces are finally off. I can't believe there actually off! All of the Giudice girls are beautiful — especially their eyes!!!! Your own daughter, Lauren, has absolutely NO light in her eyes.

      I made a rude comment earlier about her and I should have not done that. Even if she does not get paid for it. She may not be a Mom or ever be but I thought about telling some little brats the same thing! What happen Fame?

      Audio Editions

      I just post under MeHo? Did I do something wrong? Sorry Fame, I just don, get the computer thing. I usually post from my PC and now on this old laptop. Husband came home and he is on that.

      Smashwords – Xoxoxo – a book by Bethany Lopez

      That makes a dif? So true Jeannie! That inner light comes from growing up in a loving home with caring parents. Folks can say anything they want about the current legal predicament, but there is no doubt Teresa and Joe have provided a warm, nurturing environment for thier kids. She is so pretty and I love she has a heart!!!! Melissa needs to go tell sexual assault victims about her husband playfully pulling her hair and taking charge!

      I have sent back my book. I am slowly learning about my twitter. I saw exactly what you are saying. Oh, and her wallpaper, the twitter generic clouds. I am going back as I have never seen such truthful tweets. Here is the link. As you can tell I used to love their fires, wouldnt eat anything else on the menu. I never thought of dunking fries in ice cream. Salty sweet and crunchy makes my tastebuds to a happy dance lol.

      Annoying Orange - Storytime Supercut Season #1

      My father would make a sandwhich of mustard and canned peaches and I never wanted to try it. My nephew loves it. I did however cave in and try sliced tomatoe on peanut butter toast and I was surprised that I liked it. Mustard and peaches …. Yes it is Jeannie and thank you. She pops in and out of this site, as we both once enjoyed this program. Check out my merfolk book package from Monday. You can still enter all of them! Come back tomorrow and every day until December 21st to enter to win more great prizes!

      Posted by Unknown 10 comments: Links to this post. Wednesday, December 19, Holiday Hullabaloo--Day When tragedy strikes, seventeen year-old Ashton Blake sets out on a cross-country road trip, leaving the comforts of Malibu for the mountains of Kentucky. Along the way, she encounters Gabe Willoughby--the mysterious drifter with eyes like the sea and a knowing smile. Getting to know Gabe raises questions about her past. But no secret can be buried forever, and Ashton soon finds herself in a world where water is air and myth becomes reality.

      Just as Ashton comes to accept her newfound heritage, she's summoned to fulfill a treaty laid down centuries before -- a treaty that will divide her love and test her loyalty. In the end, her future isn't her biggest concern, her humanity is. To run may mean war, but is she strong enough to stay? YA Bound Review "If you're looking for something enchanting and romantic, action-packed and a new take on Greek Myth, check it out.

      A must read for mythology lovers. Posted by Unknown 13 comments: Links to this post. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. A new year. A blank page. A beginning to a new chapter. I want to fill this one with an abundance of good health, happiness, success, and lo I survived my first World Fantasy Convention. I've be Kindrily Sale! And signed paperback giveaway! Quick, go grab your copies before the sell out! I realize millions--many millions--of people write a book or several in their lifetime.

      The saddening statistic of how many people actual