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The plot line is that of a simple quest — a Spanish shepherd boy, Santiago, keeps getting the same dream that there is treasure lying underneath the Egyptian pyramids. After meeting an old king who offers him some advice and some magic stones, Santiago embarks on his journey to cross the Mediterranean and the Sahara to find his treasure and accomplish his Personal Legend a concept equivalent to our purpose in life.

Amidst swindlers, tribe wars and endless sand, Santiago finds his one true love, learns alchemy and the language of his heart, and of course, fights to reach his treasure. With a dreamy and pensive writing style, the author weaves into the storyline multiple sage concepts which a philosopher could ponder for years on.

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When they reach an oasis, Santiago meets and falls in love with an Arabian girl named Fatima, to whom he proposes marriage. She promises to do so only after he completes his journey.

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Frustrated at first, he later learns that true love will not stop nor must one sacrifice to it one's personal destiny, since to do so robs it of truth. The boy then encounters a wise alchemist who also teaches him to realize his true self. Together, they risk a journey through the territory of warring tribes, where the boy is forced to demonstrate his oneness with "the soul of the world" by turning himself into a simoom before he is allowed to proceed.

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When he begins digging within sight of the pyramids, he is robbed yet again, but accidentally learns from the leader of the thieves that the treasure he sought all along was in the ruined church where he had his original dream. Coelho wrote The Alchemist in only two weeks in He explained that he was able to write at this pace because the story was "already written in [his] soul. The book's main theme is about finding one's destiny , although according to The New York Times , The Alchemist is "more self-help than literature".

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist was first released by Rocco, [7] an obscure Brazilian publishing house. Albeit having sold "well", the publisher after a year decided to give Coelho back the rights. Returning from the excursion, Coelho decided he had to keep on struggling [8] and was "so convinced it was a great book that [he] started knocking on doors".

In , was published a comic adaptation by Alexandre Jubran. In a theatrical adaptation of The Alchemist was produced and performed in London.

“It’s called The Alchemist and you should read it.”

In music, The Alchemist has inspired numerous bands of the same name. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We know you've got itchy feet, wanderlust, ambition. Something gets your heart racing. Playing a concert in Carnegie Hall? Crossing the finish line first at the Olympics? Perfecting that pie crust?

Selling 65 million copies of your novel? Whatever it is, your dream matters.

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And that's what The Alchemist is all about. You might not believe in the hocus pocus, but you can't argue with its example: tuning out the pressures of the world to focus on what really matters to you. All rights reserved. The Alchemist Introduction If someone told you about a book on how to find buried treasure, fulfill your destiny, and also meet the lover of your dreams, wouldn't you want to read it? Oh, now you're interested.