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Love quotes for him from the heart 1. Nikki October 2, at pm. I admit that Wes annoyed me, at first. He's cocky and he made an arbitrary decision that hurt his best friend. But very early on, he won me over with his sincerity and depth of feelings for Jamie. To be honest I was worried with the set-up because Jamie, for all intents and purposes, is straight. But Sarina and Elle did a wonderful job handling that aspect.

Jamie self-discovery felt natural. It didn't feel contrived. Both Jamie and Wes have to face obstacles, but when it comes to their feelings for each other, it's clear to me as a reader that they belong together. Their relationship felt raw and sincere, and so, so hot. A word of advice. Do not, under any circumstances, read this book in public or even semi-public.

I'm not a blushing person but I've lost count how many times, Wes and Jamie made me blush and smile like a lunatic. Both authors captured the emotion perfectly and I just couldn't help but fall in love with Wes and Jamie. I really enjoyed this book. And I think that Elle and Sarina's style blended so well it reads like there's only one person writing this book and not two.

The writing was seamless and I can't wait to read more from these two, either individually or together. ARC provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review. Of course, I ask myself: Am I going to read it? View all 58 comments. Audio version. When it's done well, like in this book here, it can be oh so thoroughly enjoyable. Oh, and the audio version is pretteh steamy. Two teenage hockey players at a hockey camp. One shootout challenge.

May be just for one of them. Because for Wes it's not funny at all - it's something he wants desperately because the feelings he harbors for his best friend are very real. Well, the answer is yes, and it's not really a spoiler because the book picks up years later when the two meet yet again. Will they be able to get their friendship repaired? Oh, just freakin' read the book, would ya? It is super hot but incredibly sweet at the same time.

Don't worry if you aren't into sport romances - the book doesn't concentrate all that much on the actual playing of hockey. The character development is great and you will fall in love with both Wes and Jamie. View all 28 comments. Jun 08, Jennifer Kyle rated it really liked it Shelves: arcs , m-m-f-f-reads.

Now for the iffy area for me is that the genre for this book is mm. The truth is, I have actually only read two others books in this genre. So for me to rate this against others is a bit hard. On the other hand, I prefer more drama in my reads but did feel that this one was a good read nonetheless. This is a second chance love story so to say, as two best friends make a bet as teens at hockey camp the summer before heading to college. He stopped responding to my texts. He just … fired me. In their senior year of college their respective hockey teams are in the same big tournament and the two come face to face once again.

As I admire the grace and deadly precision with which he moves. My weakness is him. The two start to replay the events that happened between them as teens. Wesley surprises Jamie by showing up at hockey camp to coach and room with him. The attraction magnifies between the two and confuses Jamie. Complicated fellow, my dick. The story has a sweet ending and overall made for a good read. View all 77 comments. Jul 09, S. West rated it it was amazing Shelves: laugh-out-loud , sexy-athlete , arc , sexy-as-fuck , mm.

Now I get the allure…there's something that's almost naughty or sinful about it in a delightfully delicious way! And it's scorching HOT!! This was a really great, fast, sexy read and 4. This was a really great, fast, sexy read and the writing style was easy, engaging and seamless; would never have guessed it was co-authored. We have two hot college hockey players, Jamie Canning and Ryan Wesley aka Wes , who were best friends throughout their high school years at Hockey summer camp.

But they haven't spoken to each other for four years because of what happened their last night together and now they must face each other. Wes has loved Jamie since he was 13 and while he knows they can't have more because Jamie is straight, Wes misses his friend and wants to make amends. I want whatever I can get - a conversation, a joke gift, a smile, anything. I might not be able to have the steak, but fuck I, I'm fine with some scraps.

While there was a lot of sweet and hot sex scenes, There was one little blip but it didn't last for long. I'm not all for dramas sake but would have wanted a bit more of a struggle.

Now that the cherry's been popped I'll be looking to expand my horizons and am open to suggestions!! For more reviews and blog posts. View all comments. Jul 28, Judith rated it it was amazing. One night when they were 18 they had a bet The outcome of the bet was an estranged friendship for 4 years. They meet again when their teams are playing at a National Hockey Championship Wes is gay and while he is not ashamed of his sexuality he doesn't flaunt it. As for Jamie,he is convinced he is straight. Their reunion is a little strained at first but they both realize how much they have missed their friendship.

They find themselves coaching younger players over the course of the summer for 6 weeks Wes has been in love with Jamie for years but is terrified of pushing him away again so tries to hold back.

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Jamie is confused over the different feelings he now has for Wes. But,holy hell,when they get together the sex scenes are very erotic. I loved everything about it. Great characters,humour,low on angst,great sex scenes and a love that was totally believable. I don't often re read books but this is one I definitely will!! Highly Recommended View all 92 comments.

She's about the only MF I read these days! Please don't be too YA! And I was worried for nothing! This one had some really nice steam! To me it read a lot like Elle Kennedy's Off-Campus series, only with dudes. This one was about hockey too. Friends to lovers. I really liked both Jamie and Ryan.

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Maybe Jamie a bit more. They meet as kids attending an elite summer soccer program. A bet goes wrong and they part ways. They go on to play hockey for different colleges and meet back up at the National Hockey Championships. That was my biggest fear with this read.

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Two people, one who is gay and in love with his former best friend. The other who believes he's straight. Friends with benefits. However, thankfully the drama wasn't overdone. It wasn't drawn out. It was resolved quickly. There was some good LOL moments. Nothing new and original with the story line but still a very entertaining, enjoyable, sexy read! ARC kindly provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review View all 68 comments. Jun 08, Gigi rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Ann.

Shelves: fuck-yeahplus-stars , mm-dirty-talk , mm-pure-romance , mm-ftl-bisexual , mm-hockey , absolute-favorites , gay-book-reviews , arc , mm-contemporary , mm-college-boys. Him is nominated for Best Romance in the GoodReads book awards! Vote here. You can vote of Roan's In the Middle of Somewhere here. It is ridiculous, absolutely fucking ridiculous, how much I loved this book. There is just something about the spike of adrenaline these boys experience on the ice and how they carry that spike over into the bedroom that has my heart leaping and my libido humming.

Both have just graduated from collage and, with their collage hockey careers behind them, Wes will be headed to Canada and Jamie to Detroit in the fall to start in the big leagues. During their summer hiatus, both men work at a hockey camp in Lake Placid teaching the younger generation of greats how to master the game. Wes and Jamie met at this same hockey camp when they were in junior high and spent every summer together until they graduated from high school. On their last night of camp, right before both leave for collage, Wes challenges Jamie to a shoot-out, but with some pretty high stakes.

Whoever loses has to give the other a blow job. Wes has secretly been pining for his best friend for years and has come to the conclusion that he is gay. Wes thinks that setting up this competition is the perfect solution to get into Jamie's pants and see if the feeling is mutual. So, the blow job ends up happening and both men seems to really enjoy it, but Wes has a last minute feeling of shame that he took advantage of Jamie and tucks his tail and runs away, breaking off any and all contact with Jamie for the next 4 years. Jamie is hurt and bewildered but gets on with his life as a heterosexual male.

Back to the present time, Wes decides he needs to make amends for the uncomfortable, selfish situation he put Jamie in all those years ago and takes a job at the camp as a coach so he can spend one more summer with Jamie. He is still in love with Jamie but he misses his best friend so much that he is willing to put his feelings aside to get that spark back that made their relationship great. I don't want to give much more away so you can see for yourselves how these two eventually begin a HOTTER THAN HELL sexual relationship and how they handle their feelings, but I want to tell you to watch for the huge differences between the boy's families and how they grew up.

Remember, they only see each other for 6 weeks a year during the summer from junior high to high school. It makes all the difference when you reach the epilogue, which is mind-blowingly spectacular and also explains the book's title. I sat down to read it and did not move until I was finished. This is a mature, honest look at discovering one's sexuality with a testosterone fueled hockey backdrop and some of the hottest sex I've read this year.

Him is enjoyable down to the very last line. Flawless in my opinion. I will be re-reading this when I need a comforting love story that is sure to flood me lots of happy endorphin's. This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews View all 27 comments. But he was never mine to have. So let's see here; we have friends-to-lovers, second chance romance and GFY all mixed in with sizzling chemistry and humor.

If that's not enough to justify my 5 star rating, I dunno what is. Whatever the reason may be, I loved this book to pieces. There was not one part of it I read where I didn't 5 Stars Jamie Canning was my first crush and my first love. There was not one part of it I read where I didn't either have a goofy grin on my face or felt like I needed to ice my ovaries. It was fabulous! Ryan "Wes" Wesley and Jamie Canning have been friends for years.

Some of their favorite memories came from the time they spent together at hockey camp, until the summer when they were eighteen when one night and one dare changed everything and Wes just disappeared from his life. Jamie never stopped missing his best friend or wondering what he did to push him away. Wes has been in love with his very straight best friend for years.

His mistake those four years ago made him turn away and not look back since. But he's never forgotten Jamie or gotten over his feelings for him. Now chance brings them together again on the ice rink, and Wes will be dammed if he'll just let him walk away from his life again. And if he happens to get his friend to look at him as anything more than just a buddy? Hey, hope springs eternal, right?

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Maybe one day a switch would suddenly go off and he'd be like, hmmm, I'm totally into Wes. Or maybe he would figure out he swings both ways and decide to take a walk on the dude side. I simply loved the interaction between Jamie and Wes. Their bond is so strong even after 4 years without speaking. I command the authors for making the transition to Jamie's true sexuality as natural as it did. It was like the reader was discovering everything along with him and it just made it that much better. As for Wes? Don't even get me started on that man. He was my favorite part about this book.

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He's a rule breaking wise ass, but beneath the muscles and tattoos is a heart of gold. His feelings for Jamie were so heart melting and heart breaking, I just wanted to reach through my kindle and hug him. There was so much to love about this book, the biggest being the banter between these two. It was utterly delicious. Did we wanter onto the set of Sex and the City? If so, I'm Samantha. Called it. Shit, if you hadn't told me you were gay, I would've figured it out just now.

And if you're curious about the steam? Well let's just say Him has just the right amount to make this story incredibly sexy on top of entertaining as hell! The sexual chemistry between Ryan and Jamie practically crackled with electricity. And when they finally get together? We've been going at it every night like puck bunnies in heat this week. Pinch me. It's like a blowjob relay race around here. And we've gotten really good at passing the baton Ryan was such a fantastic hero as well.

He's such a tender heart, but it totally works for him. Together they just made a certain kind of sense. These are two guys that you'll be rooting for from beginning to finish. I absolutely loved the way that Ryan is with his family and their quirkiness. Considering the cold detachment of Wes's family, it was wonderful to have such a warm family dynamic on the other end. If you're looking for a fun and sexy NA MM romance, you really should look no further.

Sabrina Bowen and Elle Kennedy together are a dynamic powerhouse and I only hope they have more books planned together for the future because I'd read them all without a second thought. What do you want? And I need him to be specific. This is a very dangerous game we're playing. It will probably end in disaster. But if there's a way I can prevent that, I will. He moves further onto the bed, making room for me. Then he beckons.

And there isn't enough money, fame or fortune in the world to keep me from obeying. ARC courtesy of authors in exchange for an honest review For more reviews visit View all 63 comments. Jun 09, Natasha is a Book Junkie rated it it was amazing Shelves: m-m , arc , standalone. Now in their early twenties, both of them hockey stars in their own right, they unexpectedly find themselves in the same place at the same time, and memories of some of the happiest moments in their young lives start flooding back, every single one of them tied to those summer camps spent as best friends.

But only one of them really knows why their friendship ended so suddenly. And memories of a time when those weeks spent together each summer were all he would look forward to all year long. I had Jamie, my best friend, my rock. Or was there nothing to suppress? The perfect blend of sweet and sexy, this tender romance was such a delightful read! Follow me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! View all 10 comments. Jun 08, Mysza rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite-read. My electrons went seriously haywire for his tonight, though. Particles collided. Did I mention it was hot? Try scorching.

A goddamn inferno. Light, sweet, a bit emotional and drama free reading. Perfect book for summer if you enjoy MM romance. Highly recommend! For real Yeah, it was: And those boys, oh my, those boys Wes and Jamie One more thing to add View all 66 comments. Jul 29, Kathleen rated it it was amazing. It was a long road before they finally got together and I loved every moment. I have to say that Jamie was my favorite character. I loved the honesty he had, how he coped with his feelings for Wes. Wes was also an excellent character, how he loved Jamie but was willing to let him go because he thought he was corrupting him.

I could feel their attraction at the first heated kiss. The sex scenes were sensuous and HOT! I loved the trust they gave over to each other sexually as their relationship progressed. For me, this book was I highly recommend HIM to everyone who has considered reading it. View all 99 comments. Jul 27, Sleepless Readmore rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , 5-star-books.

And he's worried about a few texts. It's too late to get away from it all I'm done with running so I give in to you.. Shit , if you hadn't told me you were gay, I would've figured it out just now. Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy have collaborated and created quite the novel. This is my first time reading work by Sarina Bowen and I am impressed and looking forward to reading more of her work.

Elle Kennedy.. Elle Kennedy I am not a stranger to this marvelous authors work. What made me want to read this novel SOON was partly because she co-wrote it. I now see what the hype was about this book because it truly was.. This is for surely going to be one of my go to re-reads. Jesus, dude , the way you treated that guy, you'd think he was carrying the Ebola virus.

I can tell he expected me to go all chick on him and demand we talk about last night. Him Sarina Bowen Elle Kennedy View all 22 comments. Such a sweet,funny and hot story!! I immediately put it on my list! I haven't read a book before of Sarina Bowen so she is a new author to me! They should write more books together!!! They are doing an amazing combination!! Wes and Jamie are hockey childhood friends,but due to an unfortunate situation they lost touch! Now after years they meet again and they can't ignore each others