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It takes years of study and countless hours of practice before you reach the point of reading the Greek New Testament without the help of additional resources. Unless your aim is to be a New Testament scholar, most will not achieve that level of comfort with the Greek text.

What Is the Septuagint (LXX)?

It serves as a guide to the usage of every New Test… Read more…. With articles on every Hebrew and Aramaic word, the complete vocabulary of the Hebrew Bible is arranged alphabetically rather than by root , making navigation faster and easier. The Hebrew and Aramaic ent… Read more…. Mediating between ordinary lexicography and the specific task of exposition… Read more…. Our Policies Our site uses cookies to provide you with the best experience possible.

They were bound together with Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. It contains glosses for every lexeme word in Biblical Hebrew over and Biblical Aramaic over It integrates lexicographic research from various sources to present the best of contemporary scholarship. All Greek and Hebrew in Strong's dictionary is accompanied by beautiful transliteration; you do not need to know Greek or Hebrew to make use of this e-book.

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As a result, it makes use of all of the navigational capabilities on the various Nook devices, including the use of a two-tiered table of contents, allowing for rapid navigation to a particular entry in the desired dictionary by its first two letters. Note that navigation details might be different in the various Nook applications for platforms other than the Nook itself.

You can navigate directly to a particular entry in Strong's dictionary by searching for that entry by Strong's number with "g" for "Greek" or "h" for Hebrew prepended to it. For example, to navigate to the entry for Strong's Greek , simply type "g" in the Find box. This will take you to the page on which Strong's Greek appears. See the book's preface for more details, including transliteration schemes. Note, however, that as of the time of this writing, some Nook models only search forward from your present location in the book. Thus, you may need to navigate first to a location before your desired location.

Moreover, it can take the Nook some time to index the book before searching will take place in a reasonable amount of time; wait a day or so after purchasing this e-book to use this navigation option. Indeed, some Nook models search slowly even after that time period, in which case we recommend using the other navigation options. Note on Version This e-book was updated on January 14, to address compatibility issues with recent software updates to certain Nook models 1.

Interlinear Bible: Greek, Hebrew, Transliterated, English, Strong's

Publisher Miklal Software Solutions, Inc. Product Details About the Author. Humphrey H. Average Review.

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Write a Review. Related Searches. A Pocket Guide to the Bible. Remains the only annual, comprehensive guide to the Catholic Church. These seams are, after all, visible in the texts themselves — for example, in narrative duplications, beginning, famously, with the two contradictory versions of the creation story of Adam and Eve in Genesis.

Learn Hebrew While You Sleep 😀 Most Important Hebrew Phrases and Words 😀 English/Hebrew (8 Hours)

One says that Adam and Eve were created together while the other tells a story of Adam created alone, trying and failing to find a partner among his fellow creatures, until God surgically removes his rib to create Eve. The art of the biblical narrative, Alter hypothesized, was finalized in a late editorial stage by some unifying creative mind — a figure who, like a film editor, introduced narrative coherence through the art of montage.

It was a secular and literary method of reading the Hebrew Bible but, in its reverent insistence on the coherence and complex artistry of the central texts, it has appealed to some religious readers. The book was — and remains — a surprise hit; it opened up an old, mysterious and often maligned text for the first time to many readers.

His growing commitment to translation since the s can be seen as a move toward an increased investment on his part in the general reader, over and against institutional gatekeepers of the text, both in academia and in the religious world.

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The translation emerged organically. His later translation work has carried out, in a larger and more systematic way, what he started in his criticism. Since — and not including this current complete edition — his Bible translations have sold in the hundreds of thousands. The first verset, semantically airtight, is all Alter. In the skillful way that he has harmonized the various voices, past and present, Alter proves to be another Arranger, practicing the composite art that he believes has long been the life-breath of this text.

A lter was born in the Bronx and grew up in Albany, to working-class parents who emigrated from Lithuania and Romania. His father was born in the waning years of the 19th century and fought as a teenager in World War I. Alter came to Hebrew, like many an American Jewish child, somewhat haphazardly — first in traditional contexts, like bar mitzvah lessons but also in Hebrew-only summer camps of the period.

Every Word Wrapped with Strong's Definition & Concordance

The cultural record of American Jews, in literature and art, can be summarized as a collective complaint against parental demands to learn Hebrew, but Alter took to it immediately and chose to continue his studies, even while playing varsity football and running track. As a young man, Alter was so enamored with the language that he spent much of his time systematically mastering a Hebrew-Hebrew dictionary.

A membership card to his local public library became his ticket to the wider world. Like many of his contemporaries with literary aspirations, he graduated from a public high school and found his way into the middle of a thriving midcentury literary scene in New York City. D in comparative literature. Many Jewish writers of those years saw it as their mission to march onto center stage of American literature: not simply to master the English language but to remake it in their own voices.

As a young critic, Alter was active in this project.

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For a literary person of those generations, the King James Version loomed large. Along with Shakespeare, the King James was one of the wellsprings of English literature, especially in the United States. It is one of the few major texts that was foundational in both the Jewish and the Anglo-American traditions.

And though Alter and his peers remained smitten by the language of the King James, there was an underlying sense that a key piece of their Jewish heritage had long been held captive in the churches and schools and texts of white Protestant English. With his intricate and artistically attuned translation, Alter has helped carve out a dignified place for the Hebrew Bible as the Hebrew Bible, squarely within the Anglo-American literary tradition, and rescued it from second-class status.

Alter regularly composes phrases that sound strange in English, in part because they carry hints of ancient Hebrew within them.